Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Episodes of Tao of Pokerati: Pauly Becomes An Agent, Donkaments, Beef Jerky & Early Exits

By Pauly
Greenville, SC

We recorded a few episodes before I left Las Vegas and when I was gone, Benjo, subbed for me. Listen in to the shortest poker podcast on the intertubes.

Episode 11.11: Donkey Agents (5:05) - In true Michalski fashion, he was at home sleeping when his good buddy and friend of Pokerati, Cliff Fisher, went deep in the Donkulus. Since I was on the rail sweating Cliff, we bonded and I offered up my consulting advice on both life and poker. Part of that assistance included me taking over as his "poker agent." First order of business? Shakedown Michalski.

Episode 11.12: Donkey Shows (2:01) - Michalski and I discuss the squeamish term donkament and he goes on mini-Tiffany Michelle-tilt when she says hello to me and not him.

Episode 11.13: Big Game Jack (3:56) - As the $40,000 NL played down to the final table, Michalski was on party tilt while we got busted sitting in Wicked Chops Poker's seats. Eventually, our podcast turned into an infomercial about Jack Link's Beef Jerky.

Episode 11.14: Early Exits featuring Benjo (5:00) - Description from Michalski... "As you may or may not know, Dr. Pauly skipped town for a few days to go 'see a band' (WTF?)... That left Benjo and me to report on the final table of the Champions Invitational: Tom McEvoy beats Dan Harrington and Robert Varkonyi to win himself a Corvette and, of course, the plausibly coveted Binion Cup ... providing him sellable items should he ever need a little bankroll stimulus. And we hear about Phil Hellmuth's oddly graceful 10:1 hands-shaken to hands-played ratio as he, like Pauly, makes an early but not-so-unexpected exit at the WSOP... temporarily derailing an Angry Frenchman's plans to stage a potentially violent coup."
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