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50K HORSE Day 2 - WSOP Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

The second day of the HORSE event was pushed back to 4pm. Due to the donkament, the staff wanted to make sure that they had available space for the HORSE re-start. They are also trimming one level off the event and they will play five ninety-minute levels instead of the originally scheduled six.

I feel bad for the four lost souls of HORSE who busted out on Day 1... Dan Shak, David Singer, Alexander Kostritsyn, and Steve Z. Kostritsyn's elimination was particularly rough for me because I had him on a couple of fantasy teams and in my overall pick against Benjo and the Frenchies.

91 players remain. Day 2's chipleaders are... Hasan Habib 387K, Martin Vallo 347K, and Matt Glantz 300K.

Stay tuned for more live updates of the 50K HORSE...

* * * * *

4:50pm... 88 and Counting

A couple of early bustouts to start Day 2 including Ali Eslami, and Bryan Colin, and Greg Mascio. It's odd to see all the donkeys being led to the slaughter and milling about in front the biggest butchers in poker.

And over in the sold out donkament, over 1,100 players have already been slaughtered, dried, and turned into beef jerky.

* * * * *

5:20pm... Mr. Kotter Busto; Hasan = 420K

The current chipleader is Hasan Habib and he's smoking the field with around 420K in chips.

2009 WSOP bracelet winner James Van Alstyne has hit the rail, along with Alex Jung, Mr. Kotter, and Jen Harman. The eliminations are flowing at a steady pace today. Down to 84 right now. So far, 7 in the first level, but John Juanda, Eli Elezra, and Pat Pezzin are on life support. They all have under 50K in chips.

I'm guesstimating that they'll get around 45 or so by the end of Day 2. Yes, this is a five-day event and there has been rumors that they might eliminate an entire day of play depending on how many players bust out today and tomorrow.

* * * *

6:06pm.... New Episodes of Tao of Pokerati!

Michalski and I taped two new episodes late last night as Day 1 of HORSE came to a close. The 50K HORSE numbers and wacky conspiracy theories were discussed.
Episode 11.24: Running Numbers (3:30)
Episode 11.25: Tinfoil HORSE (3:52)
* * * * *

6:42pm.... Raymer Busto; Gunslinger Slinging Something

Greg Raymer busted out a few minutes ago. He sat down at an empty table and it appeared he was talking into a voice recorder. A couple of fans on the rail took photos of him from a far. One guy snuck underneath the rope and shook his hand. Another woman asked Raymer for a photo. As he always does, Raymer accommodated the requests before he finished up his own documentation of the 50K HORSE, before he was snagged by a member of the Dutch media for a video interview.

Hasan Habib is no longer in the top spot after David 'Gunslinger' Bach jumped into the top spot with... 420K in chips. I wish I as making this stuff up. Then again, I can't count chips. All I do is eyeball a stack and just make up numbers. I've been doing this for five years and haven't been caught yet. Suckers.

Anyway, Bach looks like he should play bass in Blues Traveler. Seriously, the guy looks like he should be at a jamband concert and not playing in the WSOP. I think I might have scored a bag of shrooms off him in the lot of a Phish show back in Chula Vista, CA in September of 1999. They boys busted out a 23 minute version of Stevie Wonder's Boogie On Reggae Woman to start set two and the left side of my brain melted.

* * * * *

7:20pm... Chow Time

Recent bustouts? John Juanda, Max Pescatori, Justin Bonomo, and Pat Pezzin.

78 players are heading out to a one-hour dinner break. See you at 8:20pm local time.

* * * * *

9:20pm... Hallways

On my way out to dinner break, two players were talking. One bitched about playing against French players, "They have no concept of laying down a hand."

Once play resumed, I taped a couple of episodes on Tao of Pokerati in the back hallway. A dealer goosed Michalski as she walked by, and then Johnny Chan turned the corner and bolted out a side door towards the parking lot. I assumed that he busted out.

What the hell happened to his third-rate sugar water that used to make my pee turn muted shades of orange? The Amazon Room offers up All In water bottles, but the energy drink is non-existent. Instead, Red Bull is readily available.

It turned out that Chau Giang busted Johnny Chan. Also out are... Cory Zeidman and Eli Elezra.

Down to 75. Hasan & Bach are hovering around 500K.

* * * * *

10:10pm... DonkeyBomber and Brazil

I decided to check out the Brasilia Room. To be honest, the action in the HORSE was less than stimulating. I get more excited watching rats eat lizards in the employees parking lot.

I heard that Michalski was in the Brasilia Room and trying to keep an eye on DonkeyBomber without him knowing because everyone knows that Michalski is a cooler.Anyway, DonkeyBomber was heads up against Greg Mueller. The winner advances to the final table of the shootout. DonkeyBomber held a 3-1 chip lead.

I also bumped into a colleague from Brazil. We originally crossed paths in Mexico while covering the LAPT. I greeted him with the few Portuguese words that I knew. He quickly assumed I speak Portuguese and that's all he spoke to me during my adventures covering the LAPT, even though I tried to explain to him in English and broken Spanish that I did not speak his language. That still did not deter him. I seriously have no idea what this crazy guy says. All I know is that he runs around taking pics of hot chicks on the rail.

Anyway, the crazy Brazilian stopped me in the press box and of course, he launched into some chit chat in Portuguese. I just nodded my head and smiled.

* * * * *

11:20pm... 69 Dude!

The HORSE event is down to 69 players. Recent bustouts included.... Danny Negreanu, David Oppenheim, Jeff Lisandro, Andy Bloch, Chad Brown, Yuval Bronshtein, Joe Cassidy, Zac Fellows, and Mike Matusow.

And over in the Brasilia Room, DonkeyBomber lost the chiplead to FBT and all of a sudden he's gone from the hunter to the hunted. Sadly, he busted shortly after, which proved that Michalski was indeed, a cooler.

A thought to ponder... I miss the Tilted Kilt sometimes, but I definitely drink less during the day since it ceased to exist. Instead, I have to huff paint behind a palm tree near the valet with a couple of the old ladies in housekeeping. They have access to all those crazy chemicals that warps your world so much, that you only see one color... blue and different shades of blue (like light purple and sea blue and midnight blue and smurf blue.)

* * * * *

1:11am.... Late Nite Lime Tossing

For a second a night in a row, we headed out back for a round of lime tossing Two throws a piece. I stepped up and nailed a $60 grid. Otis whiffed on is first attempt. On my second toss, I hit another $60 grid to take a $120 lead. That's when Otis stepped up and drilled a $100 grid to almost erase my lead.

Round 2 - Lime Tossing Results: Pauly +120, Otis +100
Overall: Otis +20, Pauly -20

* * * * *

1:40am... Day 2 Complete

The second day of 50K HORSE has come to a close. Gus Hansen will end up as one of the chipleaders after a major surge during an 0maha 8 round. The overall leader is Ray Dehkharghani who has well over 600K.

Eliminations during the last level included... Annie Duke, Farzad Bonyadi, Andy Black, Nikolay Evdakov, Abe Mosseri, Matthew Grapenthien, Michael Saltzburg, Howard Lederer, Allen Kessler, Bruno Fitoussi, Yoshio Nakano, and Yan Chen.

53 players advance to Day 3, which will re-start at 2pm on Sunday. They will play 6 levels on Day 3. I doubt they'll make the money at 18, but they should easily get down to the final 3 tables.

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