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50K HORSE Day 3 - WSOP Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

There's one final table (Limit Shootout), two new events ($3K Triple KO and $1.5K Stud 8), the second day of the donkament, and the third day of 50K HORSE is upon us. This is the so-called moving day for the big boys when we find out who fades away into oblivion (and $50K poorer) and who's gearing up for a run at the coveted bracelet in the Player's Championship.

53 players began Day 3. The top 16 get paid prize money.
50K HORSE Payouts:
1. $1,276,802
2. $789,199
3. $522,394
4. $368,813
5. $276,610
6. $219,655
7. $184,087
8. $162,382
9-10. $123,895
11-12. $99,590
13-14. $83,630
15-16. $72,914
* * * * *

2:30pm... Schulman Down

52 players remain in the HORSE event after Nick Schulman became Day 3's first casualty, while Gus Hansen is back into the chip lead. The majority of railbirds in the Amazon Room are huddled on the rail in the far corner.

I have two horses left in HORSE.... Erik Seidel and Pearljammer. I also have a bet that Matt Glantz will win a bracelet, so I'm keeping an eye on his progress.

One member of the French press (I won't say his name, but it rhymes with Kenjo) was in the middle of an important business matter and did not stand during the national anthem that was played during Brandon Cantu's bracelet ceremony.

"If it weren't for that anthem, Frenchie, you'd be speaking German!"

I gave him a ton of guff even though most people only stand when their national anthem is played. Over in the HORSE event, action was not halted and played on during the anthem. To them, it was just background chatter and ambient noise.

* * * * *

3:23pm.... 44 to Go

The HORSE event lost a couple of big guns.... Ivey, Greenstein, and Benyamine. Also out are Steve Sung, Daniel Alaei, Jason Gray, and Alex Kravchenko. Oooops. Another Ruskie heads to the rail.

However, the Scandis are gearing up. Gus Hansen and Erik123 are floating near the top of the heap, bit they both trail of Ray Dehkharghani who is chasing the 1 million chip mark. I don't know too much about Ray aside from the fact that he plays cash games and has minimal tournament results (less than 500K for his career). He has cashed in every single WSOP since 2005 and nearly missed a final table at this year's WSOP.

I spotted Johnny Lodden playing in the 3K Triple Chance event. That inspired a new joint-gambling-venture between Otis and myself. Last year in London, Phil Laak and several pros played a game called, "What does Johnny Lodden think?" They would pick questions and gamble on his potential answers. In honor of Johnny Lodden, Otis and I decided to play a game in the press box called, "What Does Benjo Think?" Stay tuned for the results.

* * * * *

4:20pm... Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

Today's smoke break is brought to you by... PokerStars!

And now, here's some Lou Reed with a good old fashioned 70s porn-funk intro to one of his classic songs...

* * * * *

4:44pm... 41 Remaining; Doyle & Erick Fuckin' Lindgren Busto

A couple of more hit the rail... Texas Dolly, Erick Lindgren, Fabrice Soulier, artin Vallo, and Boosted J.

The battle for the chiplead is among Erik Sagstrom, Gus Hansen, and Ray Dehkharghani. They're all in the 800K range and trying to be the first player to bust through to the 1M mark.

* * * * *

5:25pm... Jesus Hath Left the Building

After two levels of play today, the HORSE is down to 37 after the eliminations of Jesus, Jani Sointula, and David Grey. 21 more to go before the money bubble...

* * * * *

6:45pm... Dropping Like...

Flies? A few more bustouts... Pearl Jammer, Ralph Perry, Jerry Buss, and former WSOP champion Jim Bechtel. Down to 31 with Erik123 in command of the chiplead. The infamous Scandi online legend became the first player to pass 1M in chips.

The remaining 31 players are heading out to dinner break shortly.

* * * * *

8:43pm... The Coach Report: Tough Table

I stopped by the Brasilia Room to check in on Coach. If you're an old school Tao of Poker reader, you know that Coach has been a guest poster here on several occasions. We go way back to the Blue Parrot days, which was our regular home game in NYC hosted by Ferrari. I met a bunch of poker playing lawyers including Ugarte, F Train, and Dawn Summers. Good times and some of my favorite poker memories from New York.

Anyway, Coach was the best Stud 8 player in our group and he's in today's Stud 8 event. He drew a tough table that included Barry Greenstein and Paul Darden. They are both to his right, which is the good news. Greenstein busted out of the HORSE event and bougt into the Stud 8.

Coach slipped to 3.8K (starting stack was 4.5K). He said that he lost a pot to Darden.

* * * * *

10:15pm... Down to 26

A couple more bustouts in 50K HORSE including Snoopy's model friend Patrik Antonius, Matt Hawrilenko, John Monnette, Hasan Habib, and Scott Clements.

Erik123 continues to lead the field with over 1.3M. Freddy Deeb is the only other player over 1M in chips. The short stack is Matt Glantz with 26 to go. Top 16 get paid out.

* * * * *

11:11pm... Heads Up for a Multi-Bracelet

We're gonna have another multi-bracelet winner at this year's WSOP.... either Mark Naaldan or Greg FBT Mueller will collect their second. It's almost even in chips and I wandered over to sweat that final table where a massive crowd gathered. It might be the most crowded secondary final table I had seen this year. Half the crowd is there rooting on Mueller, while every single Dutch person in Nevada showed up to cheer on their fellow countryman. A festive crowd indeed as they're standing three and four deep in the rail as the two slug it out.

Over in HORSE, we're at the beginning of the final level of play. 23 players remain after a couple of more bustouts... Matt Glantz, John Hennigan, and Patrick Bueno. Erik123 still out in front.

* * * * *

11:32pm... Greg Mueller Wins Limit Shootout; Coach Chipping Up; No Repeat Champion

Dutchie Mark Naaldan finished in second place to Greg Mueller. This is definitely the Canuck's year after he collected his second bracelet.

Over in the Stud 8 event, Coach is almost back to his starting stack. He played a multi-way pot against Darden and Greenstein and took it down. He just scooped Greenstein ad is now sitting on a stack worth 6.3K. He's around average with 350 or so remaining.

And in the HORSE? Scotty Nguyen was the latest casualty. Ville Wahlbeck has snagged the chip lead for the first time tonight. Erik123 is not far behind in second place. Down to 21 players.

* * * * *

12:14am... Day 3 Complete; 19 Remain

The third day of 50K HORSE has come to a close. There are 19 players left with Vitaly Lunkin taking the lead late into Level 5. Only a handful of players have over 1M in chips and that includes Erik123, Freddy Deeb, and Ville Wahlbeck.

Also advancing to Day 4? David Bach, Frank Kassela, Gus Hansen, John Kabbaj, John Hanson, Mike Wattel, Steve Billirakis, Huck Seed, Tony G, Chau Giang, David Chiu, Brett Richey, Erik Seidel, Ray Dehkharghani, and Todd Brunson.

The final 19 will return on Monday at 2pm and play down to a final table of 8. The top 16 players win prize money which means the bubble will break sometime on Monday afternoon.

* * * * *

12:31am... Coach Avoids an Elimination

Coach was almost all in and chopped a pot against some hipster from LA who took Paul Darden;s seat. Coach dragged the low while his opponent won with Aces Up.

* * * * *

1:33am... Coach = Nevermore

Coach had taken a couple of hits and slipped under 2K. He cold not recover and busted with about 200 to go.

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