Friday, December 05, 2008

Poker South of the Border

By Pauly
Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico

Tuesday in New York. Wednesday in Los Angeles. Thursday in Mexico.

Ah, I'm having one of those fortunate weeks where I get to work and travel and hang out with friends in an exotic locale. Then again, I'd hardly call this trip to Mexico with Change100 as work.

I'm in Neuvo Vallarta to cover the first ever stop in Mexico on the LAPT. I'll be covering the event for I'm a one man team this time, which means I'll be writing and shooting photos. Sort of reminds me of the old days back in 2005-06 when I covered tournaments solo.

Lucky for me, Change100 will be working with Otis and Alex and Joe over at PokerStars Blog for the event. Yeah, Otis is here and it was his birthday yesterday. As he mentioned, having your birthday at an all-inclusive resort where the drinks are free can be pure evil. Heck, we closed down two bars last night. One bar cut me off... from beer. They simply ran out of cerveza. They continued to serve us, but only... whiskey or tequila. When in Rome, right?

So now it's like 8am. I'm caught in that demilitarized zone somewhere in between still drunk and almost hungover. I'm on the terrace of my room I can see the ocean and the sun is shinning. It's almost too perfect of a scene but in a couple of hours, I'll have to head off to work. You can follow my coverage of the LAPT Mexico over at Poker News.

In case you don't follow me on Twitter, then you missed out on all the hijinks last night. Here are a couple of gems...
we,re doomed. the hotchicks with the whistles & bottles of tequila found me & otis. they pour the tequila right in your mouth.

new country. same old shit. humberto brenes signing w. mariachi band. greg raymer at the buffet. otis is navel gazing. viva mexico.
Oh, and happy belated birthday to Otis. For the record, he didn't fall down during his late night celebration. We broke even at lime tossing even though we had to sign a waiver at check-in stating that we would not be gambling on the hotel property. Seriously.

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