Saturday, December 20, 2008

BadBlood Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly; Becomes Another Multi-Winner... Pending Steroids Test

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

We had a decent turnout for the second to last installment of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. We had a nice mix this week with 28 runners in all. The top 5 would get paid.

My starting table included BuddyDank, MadameMojo, Chitwood, ZeemJr, dredful, and AcerbicOne, who won this back-to-back and was looking for three in a row.

Derek was Gigli and busted by MrMojo.

I went out in 22nd place. I had As-Ac-Jd-5d snapped off by Chitwood's Qd-Js-9h-9c. He flopped the joint and I was toast. Chitwood took the lead.

At the first break, LJ was the chipleader with 9.7K and 13 to go.

DoubleDave bubbled off the final table when he ran into Zeem's Aces. Linkocracy was the chipleader when the final table was seated.
The Final Table:
Seat 1: MadameMojo (3651)
Seat 2: chitwood (5192)
Seat 3: BuddyDank (1570)
Seat 4: princeharibo (7550)
Seat 5: badblood44 (5745)
Seat 6: AlCantHang (3865)
Seat 7: change1OO (4647)
Seat 8: ZeemJr (5240)
Seat 9: linkocracy (4540
With six to go, LJ was the chipleader. MadameMojo had to sit out and she ended up the BubbleBoy.

AlCantHang went out in 5th. His K-K-x-x lost to BadBlood BeatBeat and Al went out.

At the second break, Chitwood was ahead with four to go. Zeem took the lead, but Chitwood doubled throuh Zeem to jump to over 22K and take a sizable lead with more than 50% of chips in play.

I turned my head and two players busted. LJ went out in 4th. She was all in pre-flop with As-Js-10h-4d against Chitwood's 10c-9h-7c-6c. Chitwood came from behind to win the hand and LJ went out in fourth place.

Zeem busted out in third place on the next hand. He shoved with 8d-8c-6h-2c and got flushed out by Chitwood's 7c-7d-6s-4c.

We were heads up between BadBlood and Chitwood.
Heads up chip counts:
Seat 2: chitwood (33680)
Seat 5: badblood44 (8320)
BadBlood was trying to win his second Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. He won one a couple of months ago on my birthday (when I was at the Yankees game with Derek). Anyway, Blood needed help heads up because Chitwood was way ahead in chips with a 4 to 1 margin. But he needed to attend a family function, so he played super fast and super loose.

Blood struck blood first. He won two pots, doubled up twice, and took the lead. And on the 14th hand of heads up play, it was all over.

Both players got it all in on the flop of Ah-Ks-4d.
chitwood: Kc-Js-6h-4h
badblood44: Ad-9s-8s-6d
Blood was ahead and his hand held up. Chitwood was eliminated in second place. BadBlood won the tournament and collected his second title. He joins the elite group of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly multi-winners club which includes... Grouse14, Resdent Evil (three times including back-to-back), CSauve, Sydney 8, Derek, dfense072, and AcerbicOne (three times including back-to-back).
The Money Winners:
1. BadBlood - $112
2. Chitwood - $67.20
3. Zeem - $44.80
4. LJ - $33.60
5. AlCantHang - $22.40

Congrats to BadBlood for picking up another championship. Nice work, sir.

Thanks to everyone who played and pimped the event. Just a reminder that next week will be the last installment of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly for a couple of months! Last chance to get your fix.

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