Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Certain Death of the Bubble; Kid Dynamite Wins Event #3; Fizzling Out of the Run Good 2.0

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

I don't Run Good. At least, not this time around. I played the third event from my hotel room in Mexico on spotty internet. That was supposed to be Day 2 of the LAPT but at the time of the Run Good, the tournament was in a state of suspension.

Anyway, there were 17 players in the latest installment of Run Good. My starting table included WSOP bracelet winner Jason Young, Kid Dynamite, Michele Lewis, Chops (from Wicked Chops Poker), CJ, Change100 and Spaceman.

I busted Jason Young. He was short and shoved. My 6-6 held up against his Qh-10h.

I won a big hand against Dan Skolovy when I found Ad-Qs in the small blind. I raised to 450 and Dan shoved all in for 2,450. I quickly called and he showed... 8s-4h. Oooooops. My Aces held up and I increased my stack to 4.6K.

I started final table second in chips behind KD.
Run Good 2.0: Event #3 Final Table:
Seat 1: Matt Showell (3720)
Seat 2: Michalski (3260)
Seat 3: Shamus (1630)
Seat 4: PokerShrink (2675)
Seat 5: DrPauly (4580)
Seat 6: KidDynamite (7005)
Seat 7: Spaceman (1370)
Seat 9: change1OO (1260)
I busted a shortstacked Shortstacked Shamus when my pocket fives held up against his 8h-2h.

When action reached the bubble... I was second in chips with 6K. And of course, I'd bubble out in fourth place. Matt Showell got all of my chips in three hands.

Hand #1: I doubled up Matt. My Ac-7c lost to A-10.

Hand #2: On the next hand... my 5-5 lost to his 10-10.

Hand #3: This was ugly. My As-10c lost to his Hammer. He rivered me too.

Out in 4th. Bubble Boy. I suck. Kid Dynamite beat Matt heads up for the win. Congrats, bro.

The final event is on Saturday. I didn't automatically qualify because I did not have enough points. There were two spots left but three people were tied; myself, Spaceman, and Kid Dynamite. We had to play a three-person playoff to determine which two would advance.

During the first Run Good, Spaceman was in a similar situation. He was tied with Change100 with one spot available. They had to play a heads up match to see who would get the last seat. Change100 ended up winning that and Spaceman bubbled.

But this time, Spaceman got in while I bubbled.

The playoff took place shortly before Midnight. About ten minutes in, I found myself the shortest stack with under 900. I lost a couple of pots earlier; one to each Spaceman and KD.

On the final hand, I got it all in on the turn with top pair and a gutshot against Spaceman's two pair. I missed my draw and he won the pot. I was eliminated first and that was it. The last two seats in the Run Good 2.0 Final will go to Spaceman and Kid Dynamite.

Good luck, fucktards!

Thanks again to the gang at Poker Listings for setting up another fun installment of the Run Good Challenge. I obviously failed to live up to my lofty expectations. Next time?

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