Saturday, December 06, 2008

LAPT Mexico Suspended Until????

By Pauly
Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Day 1. Latin America Poker Tour. Somewhere in the middle of Level 8. There were 89 players remaining. The TD got on the microphone and said that play was temporarily suspended. Then everyone was kicked out of the tournament room. Everyone. Chips were left on the table.

Me thinks that it's a good old fashioned shakedown. I wonder if the federalies take PokerStars transfers?

Supposedly the fuss had to do with a gaming license that got approved by all parties, and then revoked. In the middle of the fuckin' tournament. Play has been suspended until further notice.

Jesus, I'm a tad paranoid. I stuffed my media badge in my pocket. I might be going to a Mexican jail for a non-drug charge. What the fuck, man?

So, will we get to finish out the LAPT Mexico? Who knows....


12:15am. Day 1 is officially suspended. Players and media were told to return at noon tomorrow to find out what the future of the LAPT Mexico will be. The folks at Stars are preparing a statement as we speak and the tournament officials are trying to sort out this unresolved issue.

So that begs the question... what is going to happen?

Well it looks like a coin flip. Either tournament will continue as planned on Saturday or the tournament will be canceled. If canceled, PokerStars will have to come up with a plausible solution to keep everyone happy.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Time to head to the bar and drink heavily at our all-inclusive resort and try to get Otis to donk off a couple hundred Pesos in lime tossing.

Buenas noches y buena suerte.

Saturday Update:

There was a meeting at noon. Players and media were told to return at 5pm when the LAPT crew will make a final decision. We were told that the Mexican gaming authorities had an issue with the gaming license that was acquired by a third-party who represented the LAPT in obtaining the necessary paperwork to run a poker tournament in Mexico. If you don't know, gambling is considered illegal in Mexico. The lawyers are bickering and trying to come to some sort of resolution.

Anyway, we will find out at 5pm local time if the tournament will resume or be canceled.

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