Sunday, May 15, 2005

Reminder: WPBT WSoP Satellite #4

Just a reminder that there's a WPBT WSoP Satellite running tonight on Poker Stars at 9pm EST. We need players!! So go sign up today.

is a little slow. 4.5 months slow. He just posted day 4 and 5 of his December Las Vegas trip reports! Better late than never, eh? Some good memories. Take a peek. Here's a bit:
Shortly after I spun the wheel, the Brawl occurred. Grubby and Paul were sitting at tables right next to each other. I was by the front of the poker room next to the rail. It was crazy. I heard some noise coming from Paul's table. I looked back and saw some guys fighting and rolling around on a poker table. I jumped up to see if it was Paul or Grubby. It was two retards and our heros were safe. Security showed up pretty fast. Some married guy was pissed off at some guy for talking shit to his wife. I overheard the husband lying to security. He said the redneck grabbed his wife and he had to defend her honor. What a retard!! Didn't he realize that the cameras would show that his wife wasn't grabbed. Plus, the dealer and witnesses had a different story. Wow, I still can't believe the fight happened at Paul's table while he was in the hand with the redneck who got beat up. Paul had the nuts too!! lol. What a wild day!!
Ah, yes. The brawl! That was the apex of the last blogger get together. I wish I had the videotape of that!

Hey, congrats to Helix for winning the Boathouse tourney. $1,000? First round of drinks in Vegas are on you, buddy! Congrats to Landow for making the final table.

I posted Trey Anastasio Band setlists from his NYC shows on my main blog. I wrote a review of Friday's kick ass show and last night's show. Good stuff there. I wish I could get a gig writing about music. That would be cool.

See everyone tonight. I haven't made the money in a blogger event in over a year (that's longer than a lot of you have been blogging). I came close in December, but bubbled out in Vegas at Sam's Town. Maybe that will change tonight?

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