Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pauly Poker Freeroll at Noble Poker

We have a winner fo the Pauly Poker freeroll on Noble Poker. Pii took first place out of 153. Geat job.

Well, it was my third big game of poker in four nights. I had two good bye games here in the big city followed by the Noble freeroll. Thanks to everyone who signed up at the last minute and pimped this event on all of your blogs. We had 153 players show up for a shot at $a 50 first place prize. Free money. Even Grubby crawled out from his favorite row of slot machines to play with some of your favorite bloggers. Thanks to the guys over at Noble Poker who hooked all this up.
The Players - My Table:
Seat 1: HustlerReturns
Seat 2: Willy the Wise
Seat 3: Rod
Seat 4: StB
Seat 5: Noam Chomsky
Seat 6: Layne Flack
Seat 7: Pauly
Seat 8: From the D
Seat 9: SeiferFF8
Seat 10: QuadZA
9:07pm EST... Quad's AA lost to Hustler's 66 when he river'd a set.

9:09pm EST... With AQ I doubled up against AJ.

9:13pm EST... In late position, I put out a huge overbet with the Hilton Sisters. Willythe Wise called with A6 and out flopped me. I lost more than half my stack.

9:18pm EST... Iggy nearly tripled up when his AA held up agaisnt KK and QQ.

9:21pm EST... Rod goes out in true fashion with the Hilton Sisters.

9:27pm EST... With a short stack, I pushed all in on the button with AJ. Chomsky called with AK and I was out in 119th place. Damn. I was supposed to make the final table in my own freeroll!!

9:53pm EST... MtDewVirus' QQ was beaten by KQ.

9:58pm EST... Derek was crippled when his AA lost to the Hammer.

9:59pm EST... Next hand Derek found AA again. With a small stack he doubled up.

10:26pm EST... Daddy said one of the funniest things I ever read in the chat: "One time I got jerked off on a Greyhoud bus by a nun when I was asleep."

10:37pm EST... Poker Nerd's JJ lost to KQ.

10:43pm EST... AlCantHang's Big Slick ran into AA and he was knocked out.

10:46pm EST... Landow's pocket Tens lost to AQs and was also KOd.

10:48pm EST... Jordan's KK won a big pot from Daddy's Q6o. He flopped top pair and mentioned that "Q6 ain't what she used to," as the chips were pushed to Jordan.

10:50pm EST... Iggy had been on a nice run until his AK lost to Graham's TT.

11:00pm EST... Joanne and the Hilton Sister's took down the Poker Prof's A3s. Prior to that hand, the Poker Prof was one of the top chipleaders.

11:08pm EST... Shortstacked, Joanne went out like a true warrior, with the Hammer!

11:11pm EST... Jordan's 44 won a coinflip with Poker Prof's QJs and he knocked out Prof in 11th.

Final Table - Click to Enlarge

11:19pm EST... The Final Table assembled with Jedi Pii in the chip lead and the Blogfather making yet another final table. Good thing Slayre cleared up his password problem in time to play. Jordan represented the NYC crew making his first final table in a blogger event. Daddy, the infamous Donkey Fucker, was looking to crush the final table.
The Final Table:
Seat 1: Albethe
Seat 2: Slayre
Seat 3: Greg
Seat 4: Daddy
Sat 5: Iggy
Seat 6: Read Chomsky
Seat 7: Sydrian
Seat 8: Jordan from High on Poker
Seat 9: GCox25
Seat 10: Jedi Pii
11:35pm EST... Iggy was out in 7th. Jedi built up a monster stack and Daddy was in the middle fo the pack.

11:49pm EST... Jordan hung on with a shortstack and went out in 4th place. Pi was the leader, with Daddy in second and Read Chomsky in third place.

11:53pm EST... I thought Daddy was going to come from behind to win. He took third place, which paid $30. He joked around that he can play an SNG along with getting a super-sized extra value meal at McDs.

11:56pm EST... Pii won it all with AQ. Congrats on winning the first ever Pauly Poker freerol!

Thanks again to everyone who played and took time out of their busy schedule to partake in all the fun. Thanks again to everyone who pimped the freeroll on your blogs. See everyone in Vegas. If I forgot to link you up, please let me know where I fucked up!

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