Friday, May 27, 2005

Funday Friday

Here is proof that gambling is in my blood. My grandmother won a $10K jackpot yesterday playing the $1 slots at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. She went with my Mom and did they ask me to tag along? Fuck no. I wonder how much money Grandma dropped on the slots over the last few years? I also wonder how much of a cut Grandma is going to give me to blow at the blogger craps tables?

One week from today I'm going to be on the rail at the Rio cheering on my fellow bloggers awaiting for them to drop the Hammer at the WSoP. Wait a second, I'll have my press pass by then, so I can technically wander around the tables. Holy Apeshit, Batman!

A railbird no longer am I.

I realized I was a real writer the other day when the Poker Prof called me and said that he was holding in his hand, my very own World Poker Tour press badge. I'm going to be showing that fucker off to everyone I meet with the same giddyness that you feel for the first time when you got your driver's license.

On Wednesday night, I played a rare blogger table on Party Poker. I sat down with Sean at a $3/6 table and within minutes we had a few players and railbirds. Geek and Proud and Joanne both joined the mix. As soon as I left Rod took my place.

I've taken a few dips into the $5/$10 shark infested waters on Party Poker. Nothing exciting to report. I think I'm about even in about 120 hands this week.

I also played a couple of turbo SNGs on Poker Stars. I had my Hiltons cracked by J3o to bubble out in one. Talk about a kick in the junk.

I just finished 76th place playing in a $1500 WSoP Satellite on Full Tilt. My AQ didn't hold up against pocket sixes. Oh well.

Aside from the blogger satellites, that is the only WSoP related satellite I played in all year. I figured I give one a shot. It was totally spur of the moment too. I was having a rough night at the tables. This past week, I've been working off my reload bonus on Full Tilt. Those short-handed $3/$6 tables are an action junkie's wetdream.

During the WSoP satelite I listened to a kick ass podcast from featuring The Grateful Dead, Phish, Umphrey's McGee, and My Morning Jacket. I highly recommend it.

Here's a sample of an IM Chat I had with Al Cant Hang during the tourney:
AlCantHang: vegas is in for pure evil drunkeness
Pauly: lol im playin in a WSOP sat on full tilt for the $1500 event
Pauly: at the break im in 57th place w 148 players left
AlCantHang: nice. bracelet race?
AlCantHang: lol
AlCantHang: i'm having fun fucking with the retards watching razz
AlCantHang: i'm to drunk to chat. but sober enough to watch the tourney
AlCantHang: btw, 3.5 bottles consumed since 6pm
Pauly: not impressed
Pauly: u can do better
Pauly: you'll never survive in vegas
AlCantHang: lol
Pauly: u need to be putting down 5 bottles in 6 hours
Pauly: you're so fucked
AlCantHang: nice
Pauly: so soft
AlCantHang: how's gonna keep up with me?
Pauly: tag team
AlCantHang: no no no
Pauly: i have a team of four blogers
AlCantHang: that don't work
Pauly: me and chad will alternate
Pauly: shots
AlCantHang: nope
AlCantHang: one shot. one man
Pauly: many shots. many puking
AlCantHang: only one man can hang, and he's snoring on the sofa
Pauly: landow?
AlCantHang: bigmike!
AlCantHang: nobody can touch me right now
AlCantHang: i'm reggie jackson in october
Pauly: lol
AlCantHang: it's NOT GOOD
Pauly: even reggie struck out
AlCantHang: ok. here's my drunken line to you. i'm worried.....
AlCantHang signed off at 1:15 AM
Good Lord. Beware of a man caught in the deepest depths of a Southern Comfort binge. Al Came. Al Drank. Al Conquered. Then he passed out on the couch.

This weekend will mark some of the last bits of online play for me until I get back from Las Vegas in early August. On Tuesday, I'm gonna withdraw the majority of my online bankroll (I'll leave a few hundred on Party Poker) and add it to my cash roll for Vegas. During my two months in Sin City, my goal is to play $6/$12 at the Mirage at least once a week and play in that soft NL game at Excalibur once a week as well.

Since it's a three day weekend, I'll leave you with a walk down memory lane. Take a peek at my 10 part series of the December bloggers gathering at some point during this weekend.
Chapter 1: Day 1, Part I... The Real Report
Chapter 2: Day 1, Part II... Cowboys, Iggy, and the Hammer
Chapter 3: Day 2, Part I... Sherwood Forest and the Sam's Town Meet & Greet
Chapter 4: Day 2, Part II... WPBT Holiday Classic
Chapter 5: Day 2, Part III... Saturday Night Live
Chapter 6: Day 3, Part I... Sports Book Sunday
Chapter 7: Day 3, Part II... Sunday Night in Vegas
Chapter 8: Day 4, Part I... The Aladdin
Chapter 9: Day 4, Part II... Hammers, Hookers, and Brawls
Chapter 10: Closing Thoughts on Vegas
Man, so much happened during those few days. Epic adventures. I forgot about some of the hijinks while I revisited all those warm fuzzy memories reading all the trip reports again, which is some of my best trip report writing. Here are two random stats from the December blogger get together... I did not puke once and I did not attend one strip club.

Days until Las Vegas: 5
Current temp. in Las Vegas: 101
Bottles of SoCo consumed by AlCantHang since 6pm EST: 3.5
Times I mentioned "Donkey Fucker" since May 10: 26

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