Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Safe Arrival

I'm in Los Angeles after a six hour plane ride on JetBlue that featured me sitting next to a Hasidic jew from Brooklyn and his wife. I watched the US ladies drop another curling match, this time to Japan. I've developed a crush on Cassie Johnson. That's my only consolation aside from the fact that I'm 0-2 betting on the US women's curling team. Norway still leads the US in medals.

By the way, it's no coincidence that Katie Holmes broke up with Tom Cruise the day I showed up in LA. I'll bet my entire bankroll that the bun in Katie's oven is not TC's.

Anyway, on Wednesday I get to play in the media/celebrity event at the LA Poker Classic. I got picked as a media rep. In this town, being an internet celebrity has about the same cache as being the drunk girl on MTV's The Real World or being that Star Trek actor who lost all his money playing poker.

I'm lucky that I get to crash at chez Change100. I met her roomie, the infamous Showcase, and I'm sure I'll have some odd and twisted stories. She promised me a lasanga. Pictures to come for sure.

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