Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Nugs: Jungleman in the Times, Zynga: Pro or Con?, Ahead of Its Time, Absolute Poker Rigged Keno, and More Silver Bears

By Pauly
New York City

Greetings citizens of Earth and a few intergalactic visitors crashing our wondrous party called Monday morning, which falls somewhere in between Rush Week for Delta Tau Chi and an Irish Wake. Then again, in the neighborhood where I grew up, there's wasn't much of a difference -- just once less drunk.

It's Monday morning, a time of utter misery for some, which is why I want to share a few nuggets of poker news-worthy tidbits to keep you from going completely insane today. Enjoy...
Profiles: It's not very often the online poker appears in positive light in an influential mainstream publication that doesn't entail a non-cheating, non-robbery, or non-piece of legislation angle. That's why it was refreshing to read Online Poker's Big Winner. It's an insightful, slice of life piece on Daniel "jungleman12" Cates. This was my favorite line:
The Cheesecake Factory was mobbed. We found a spot at the bar, and Cates flagged down the bartender to order the filet mignon. In the five meals Cates and I shared over three days, he ordered filet mignon three times. As we waited for the bartender to bring us our drinks, I noted our luck in finding a seat on Valentine's Day. Without a trace of irony, Cates, who speaks in the halting cadence most often associated with World of Warcraft group chats, asked, "Why would a restaurant be any more crowded on Valentine’s Day?"
Read the entire article here. (NY Times)

Social Media: With all the Zynga talk the last week or so, I re-read this thorough, thought-provoking post Why Zynga Poker Will Not Be the Next PokerStars. Maybe Bill can write a follow-up and updated version? Would love to hear about some of his thoughts after the most recent Zynga Con. (Bill's Poker Blog)

Op/Ed: Speaking of Zynga. Katkin wrote an op-ed about his experiences at Zynga Con. ZyngaPoker Pro or Con?: Assessing the impact of a Facebook game’s arrival in Las Vegas. (Pokerati)

Marketing: Kim sounded off on Why Was Five Years Ahead of Its Time. Remember those guys? I always thought that PR was ahead of the curve when I noticed (pre-UIGEA)they were advertising at NY Knicks games and in/on NY City taxis. (Infinite Edge Gaming)

Cheaters: Absolute Poker Rigged Keno! Wait, what? Read Noah SD's latest rant. (Noah SD)

Silver Bears: The Silver Bears are back with a new episode on their series about the manipulation of the silver market. I friggin' love the Silver Bears and their hysterical videos. (Tao of Fear)
That's it for now. I'm working on a few non-poker assignments and fear monger as per usual, but as soon as I'm done I'll write a little more about the Stars-Wynn merger and rumors about Full Tilt merging with Station Casinos.

Until then, GTFOOMO!

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