Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday Nugs: Bluff Power 20 Reactions (and Podcast), Gold Coast Poker Room Closed, Charlie Sheen/Alex Jones Interview and the Funky President Mix

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Happy Tuesday. Four more days until the weekend. Oh, and Happy March while we're at it. Congrats on surviving the first two months of 2011. You can celebrate this momentous occasion by getting shitfaced at work, or if you're looking to keep your job and not bodacious enough to start drinking at 9:30am, maybe you can just sedate yourself with a happy pill (or happy coffee-flavored beverage) and read a couple of poker news-worthy items...
Bluff Magazine's Power 20 has been the source of blog fodder. Read for yourself at... Kim at Infinite Edge Gaming, Bill Rini at Bill's Poker Blog, F Train at Riding the F Train, Shamus at Hard-Boiled Poker, and Shamus again at BetFair.

And the Power 20 spawned a podcast from los hombres and Bluff Editor-in-Chief Lance Bradley. (Wicked Chops Poker)

A trio of posts... Timtern's This Week’s Big Winners, Mark Gahagan's Winners, Losers, Coinflips, and Michalski wrote about the Gold Coast closing their poker room.(Pokerati)

Haley posted the latest installment of Just Conjecturin', her series investigating the UB cheating scandal... Volume 29: Inside the Makar Email (Haley's Poker Blog)

This made me howl... an animated version of Charlie Sheen's rant on the Alex Jones show. You know you're in trouble when Alex Jones is the more sane person of the two in a conversation. (Tao of Fear)

Change100, the resident fashionista for Tao of Fear, recently broke down everyone's favorite Libyan despot in Dictator Chic: Moammar Gadhafi. (Tao of Fear)

For all you music enthusiasts, crank up the volume for The Funky President Mixtape! (Coventry)
Did you read everything in a British accent? The news sounds more important and classier that way.

That's it. You know the drill. NGTFOOMO!

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