Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Nugs: Greg Pierson, Onyx Cup, Isildur1 Busts Negreanu in SuperStar Showdown, nanonoko, #CampBill, and Anon v. the Fed

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Happy Monday. Are you having a March Madness hangover? Did the SuperMoon cause spooky things to happen in your neighborhood, like the dogs howling and a superfluous number of methheads passing out in the parking lot of Taco Bell?

Anyway, while you slowly get back into the sync of the work week, sit back and munch on these heady nuggets of poker-ish news...
Haley's posted the latest installment of Just Conjecturin', her thorough investigation into the UB cheating scandal. Here's the skinny...
"When I started the series, I didn't have much for facts on the UB side, and some of my early theories turned out to be wrong. As you'll see later in this tale, there was indeed a "jam" of some sort going on, but it appears the jam was Greg Pierson's, not Russ Hamilton's, and the solution to the problem was to enable the superusing and scrape tens of millions of illicit dollars into various endeavors or off the site in its entirety. Now comes the sordid dirt, and the part I've really put off writing about because, well, it's sad and disgusting. But it cannot help but be the key to it all, and so it must be dug back up."
You can read more at Volume 30: Naming Names -- Greg Pierson. (Haley's Poker Blog)

Full Tilt Poker (their pros in suave suits) announced the Onyx Cup, a super high roller tournament series that competes with both Jeffrey Pollack's newly formed Federated poker league and PokerStars' various international tours. (Full Tilt Poker)

F Train asked Three questions about the The Onyx Cup, meanwhile, Shamus offered up his two cents in Another Level: The Onyx Cup Series. (Riding the F Train, Hard-Boiled Poker)

One of the better poker-themed documentaries I've seen in a while... Randy Lew brings "nanonoko" from behind the curtain (PokerStars Blog)

In the most recent edition of the SuperStar Showdown on PokerStars, Daniel Negreanu took on Isildur1 and... lost $150,000 in 1,400 hands. I think they are gonna play again next Sunday. Anyway, here's a creative summary of the Negreanu vs. Isildur1 showdown by a poster on 2+2. H/T to KevMath. (

For some political analysis, check out gamingcounsel's Thoughts on H.R. 1174 (the #CampBill). (Pokerati)

The collective known as Anonymous recently declared war on the Fed. (Tao of Fear)
That's it for now. You know the drill. NGTFOOMO.

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