Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gambling on Celebrity Drug Busts

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I'll take Lohan. You got the field.

This "list" was published in the New York Daily News. My brother and I got a good laugh when we saw it. This list should just be labeled Top 10 celebrities Who Are Known Drug Fiends.

How come there are no politicians on the list?

I particularly love the irony that NFL players are jacked up on who knows what steroid, but the minute they drag a little reefer, they are pegged as a drug freak. 2-1 for any NFL player. A little biased, eh?

My buddy Fink has an awesome Andy Dick story about how Dick tried to molest a friend of his while walking out of a bar in Hollywood, then Dick begged them incessantly for cocaine. When Dick found out that they were driving from LA to Vegas, Dick practically invited himself along for the ride. Fink and company managed to ditch Dick, who then got really sloppy, got into a fight, then ended up in jail.

Any thoughts on who should have made the celebrity drug bust list? Any poker players?

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