Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Nugs: Flipchip's AVN AEE Pics, Trust, Mafia Busts, Isildur1 Owes 1 Billion in Back Taxes, and the American Dream

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Big day for me today because it's the NFL's version of the Final Four. After today's games, the Super Bowl teams will be set. My Jets are just one victory away from advancing to the Big One. But if you're not into the games today and need something to keep you occupied while grinding Sunday Majors, then check out these links...
Flipchip went to the the porn convention. What could be better than pics of your favorite porn stars in action? Check out his galleries: Day 1 Gallery - Day 2 Gallery - Day 3 Gallery - Day 4 Gallery (LasVegasVegas)

One of my favorite original poker bloggers is back! Check out HDouble's letter to America titled Chasing the Dream. Maybe he'll be able to return to Southern California some day and re-instate the infamous Murders' Row home game? (The Cards Speak)

Speaking of Murders' Row alums, take a peak at Bill Rini's take on PokerStars Home Games. (Bill's Blog)

Deuces Cracked coach NoahSD wrote an intriguing and fascinating post about trust issues in poker. Must read. (NoahSD)

If you don't know, many key figures in the mafia were picked up by the feds in a massive sweep. Among the charges were running illegal poker games. (Wall Street Journal)

It's tough being a professional poker player if your from Sweden with all of their weird tax laws. Viktor "Ilsudr1" Blom's main reason for maintain a secret identity is that he's a vigilante and dons a cape to fight crime. The other reason is because the Swedish government wants a huge chunk of his poker winnings. Supposedly, Isiludr1 owes over 1 billion (Swedish Kronors) or roughly $150 million in back taxes. Yep, the the Scandi phenom is having tax woes. Maybe he'll become a member of the Swedish Tea Party? I hope he's putting some of his recent winnings toward a good tax attorney. He should check out H&R Block because they will look at your tax return for free. (Anti Luck, The Local)

Debunking the America Dream. I love this subversive cartoon trying to "cushion the heaviness of the subject matter, aptly explains what's really going on with the banking junta, the housing bubble, and the so-called American Dream." (Tao of Fear)
That's it. NGTFOOMO.

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  1. Thanks for the linkage P... have to get Murderer's Row back together at some point...