Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Cup 4.0

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Turkey Cup kicks off at 11:55pm ET on PokerStars. Visit the PRIVATE tab to find this tournament listed under Turkey Cup 4.0.

The origins of Turkey Cup: I taught my brother how to play hold'em over Thanksgiving weekend seven or eight years ago in his new apartment, and we played heads-up LHE with chips to get him up to speed for our upcoming annual December pilgrimage to Vegas. Since then, poker has been a part of our Thanksgiving.

In 2007, I moved the game online so more of my friends could play and thus, Turkey Cup was born. Had no idea that the event would become so popular.

Please note that we're playing at a much later time this year (so I can watch the Jets game without any distractions), so I guess you can call this the "Almost Midnight" edition. See you at 11:55pm ET!7

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  1. You need to bring back Saturdays, or whatever day you're free..

  2. hell yeah for saturdays, and just 5 bucks? count me in, because i can't make the turkey cup i work on friday.