Monday, November 15, 2010

"Limp-Check-Reraise" and "thejackstraw" Dominate Tao of Poker's November Nine Pool and Win Autographed Copies of Lost Vegas

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Congrats to Limp-Check-Reraise (EasyCure) and thejackstraw (D. Brown) for taking down the Tao of Poker's November Nine Fantasy Pool that was hosted on ESPN's Poker Pick'em contest. Those guys faded a field of 92 strong to each win an autographed copy of Lost Vegas. Man, I announced this contest at the last moment and much much later than I did last year, so thanks to so many of you for signing up on the day before the November Nine.

I already know EasyCure and shipped out his copy, but I don't know thejackstraw aka D. Brown. If that happens to be you, please shoot me an email to claim your prize!

I didn't do so hot with only 9 correct picks out of 20. My pool was Joe Cheong-heavy, so when he busted in third place, I knew that I was toast. Once again, great job to Limp-Check-Reraise (EasyCure) and thejackstraw (D. Brown) for going 14-6.
Tao of Poker's November Nine Pool - Top 10 Finishers:
1 Limp-Check-Reraise (E. Preedin) - 14
1 thejackstraw (D. Brown) - 14
3 JGJBL2007 (J. Mangis) - 13
3 alexwarner87 (A. Warner) - 13
3 GillyGator (G. Wolchock) - 13
3 bunkerz (r. lee) - 13
3 herly33 (S. Herlickson) - 13
3 hozzleshank (K. Darbyson) - 13
3 irongirl01 (L. Christina) - 13
3 hazey88 (A. Hayes) - 13

For complete standings, visit the pool's home page.
Don't forget that you can also follow @LostVegasBook on Twitter.

Lost Vegas is the perfect stocking stuffer, so get a jump on your Christmas shopping and pick up a copy now.

The e-book version of Lost Vegas is currently available for $10. At the moment, only PDFs copies of the e-book are available. All of you iPad and Apple nerds are gonna have to wait a another week or so before my publisher gets around to creating an iPub version. My apologies.

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  1. Easycure5:21 PM

    Thanks again for running the pool. I was a lucksack, obviously. I'm honored that I'll own a signed copy of Lost Vegas.