Friday, November 05, 2010

Tao of Pokerati Returns! New Episode: Italian Cock and Eggs

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

After almost a four-month hiatus, the Tao of Pokerati returns with the first of our November Nine episodes. On the morning before the November Nine kicks off, we gathered off the Strip for a breakfast meeting.
N9 - Episode 1: Power Breakfast - Italian Cock and Eggs -- Dan and Pauly recorded an episode at their favorite breakfast place after a power meeting to prep for the November Nine. They discussed a bit of pre-game strategy and what's to come for upcoming coverage of their third November Nine and sixth WSOP Main Event final table. Somewhere along the way, Dan may or may not have offended Italians. As per usual, Dan veered off topic and delved into a tangent about cocks again (not that there's anything wrong with that).
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  1. Andrew1:22 AM

    Hello Pauly!  I know you had a list of ten books you recommend to people looking to improve their poker game and I was wondering if there's been any changes or additions to that list?  Has it perhaps been bumped up to 12 recommended books or anythiing like that with the release of more and more poker strategy tomes?

  2. MoMac2:23 AM

    Pauly, WTF is up w Andrew?

    Don't know about the Italians but my Dad hit the beach in Normandy. He tells a pretty funny story about the American tanks. Apparently they called them Ronsons because they blew up as soon as they were hit. The upside was that there were so effen many of them it didn't matter...they just kept rollin them off the auto lines and the bad guys couldn't keep up. Glad to see you're back, will be following you from the couch in Canada tomorrow :)