Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Nuggets: J.D. Newitt Subpoenaed, Trippy Poker Art, WCOOP, Angle Shooting, and Yacht Rock

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The first Sunday of the NFL season is officially upon us. The 2010 WCOOP is in full swing. And as always, Sundays is the big day for online poker MTT grinders. So here a link dump of items that will keep you entertained at halftime or while folding hand after hand after hand in today's tournaments.
The Feds want to chat with a former Full Tilt Poker employee. J.D. Newitt Subpoenaed By New York District Court, but I doubt that he'll be the one to spill the beans. But if he does, I wonder which red pro will pull a Jack Ruby and whack the patsy in the parking garage? (Wicked Chops Poker)

Wanna see some trippy poker-themed art? And man, I'm impressed with Michalski's foray into art criticism. I think he might have found his second calling in life. (Pokerati)

Shamus waxes on the Prahlad Friedman dead hand incident in Finding the Right Angle. He summed up my feeling the best: "I fall on the side of those who do not believe Friedman did anything particularly egregious or intentional here, but rather was simply the very fortunate beneficiary of a pretty obviously bad call." (Hard-Boiled Poker)

Here's the 2010 WCOOP schedule. Events are running every day over the next two weeks. Satellites are running 24/7. (Tao of Poker)

Brit Watch: The Golden Age is a guest post that Chris Hall wrote about the recent re-emergence of British players dominating the circuit. (Tao of Poker)

Are you a fan of Yacht Rock? Or do you like to sit on boats, sip champagne, and do blow? If so, you have to listen to the latest mix that uploaded featuring some of your favorite bands/acts from the late 1970s and 80s.... Yacht Rock Volume 4. (Coventry Music)

And just in case you've been on vacation, woke up from a coma, or just got out of prison, here's a few pieces I wrote in the last week or so:
Cocaine Cowgirl: Paris Hilton Arrested in Las Vegas for Cocaine Possession and Overall Stupidity
The Lone Gunman
Tao of Five: Las Vegas Cabbie Chronicles
Recap: 2010 WSOP Day 3 Main Event on ESPN - The Rudiments of Gruel
Yep, that's it. Now, GTFOOMO.

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