Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week in Poker - Pimpage and Pluggage

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Los hombres at Wicked Chops Poker host This Week in Poker, a weekly webcast about all things poker. This Week in Poker is part of This Week In web TV network.

It airs every Tuesday at 7pm ET or 4pm PT. You can watch the episodes live at

I will be a guest on this week's episode talking about Lost Vegas. Other guests this week include Lacey Jones, Andy Bloch, and Jess Welman (aka the Tina Fey of poker).

Tune in live tomorrow. You can even ask questions during the webcast on the site or via Twitter. Send your questions via @replies to @twi_poker.

Anyway... I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the inaugural episode of This Week of Poker with Jen Tilly. You can watch that episode below...

Here's last week's episode with Scott Huff...

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow at 7pm ET/4pm PT to watch This Week in Poker.

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