Thursday, November 05, 2009

2009 November Nine Coverage

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The November Nine
Photo by MeanGene

I'm off to Las Vegas to cover the final table of the Main Event, you know, that November Nine thingy. The Tao of Poker will be there for the straight dope and behind the scenes stories. I will be providing comprehensive coverage on the Tao in addition to Twitter.
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And who knows? Maybe there will be a few guest posts in addition to hijinks with Benjo and Michalski on the Tao of Pokerati, the shortest poker podcast on the intertubes.

And lastly here's an index of Main Event coverage on the Tao of Poker...
Day 37 - Main Event Day 1A: Summer of George?
Day 38 - Main Event Day 1B: Theme from the Bottom
Day 39 - Main Event 1C: Welcome to the Psychedelic Circus
Day 40 - Main Event Day 1D: No Soup for You
Day 41 - Dollar Bill Blues and What Does Benjo Think, Vol. 4
Day 42 - Main Event Day 2B: Schadenfreude
Day 43 - Third Place for Charity
Day 44 - Main Event Day 3: Two Frenchies, One Cup
Day 45 - Main Event Day 4: Bubbles, Leap Frog, and What Does Benjo Think Vol. 5
Day 46 - Main Event Day 5: Rapido and The Rise of the DonkeyBomber
Day 47 - Main Event Day 6: When I'm 64
Day 48 - Main Event Day 7: Evil Lurks on the Cusp of Greatness
Day 49 - Main Event Day 8: Phil Ivey Advances to November Nine

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