Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tao of Poker Fantasy Poker Results; 10-Way Tie and Steg Money Wins the Tie Breaker!

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated! We had well over 100 entries in less than 24 hours before they closed the pool. Very impressed with those numbers considering we had such a small window!

Yes, there was a 10-way tie for first place and luckily there were tiebreakers. I used the "number of heads up hands" to determine the winner. There were 88 hands between Cada & Moon. Steg Money had the closest without going over, while was the closest but he went over 88.

So we have our winners...
1st Place - Steg Money (M. Stegemann)
2nd Place - (B. Taylor)
Please shoot me an email and we can discuss prize distribution.
Tao of Poker Fantasy Poker Top 10 Results:
1 Steg Money (M. Stegemann) 15
1 (B. Taylor) 15
1 Ltrainkoja55 (L. Pierce) 15
1 Bill Ivey Rocks (M. Fox) 15
1 F.U.Schecky (Schecky) 15
1 donkeypuncher (DonkeyPuncher) 15
1 cantseefade (a. lee) 15
1 TheGrotto (E. Grotzke) 15
1 riverrun27 (R. Gervais) 15
1 Min-Raised Aces (BobbyBracelet) 15

Click here for final results.
Thanks again to everyone who participated. Shoot me an email if you're Bob from Three Rivers Poker or M. Stegemann so you can claim your prizes.

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