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WSOP Day 41: Main Event Day 2B - Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Benjo remarked that Day 2B will really be the worst day on the killing floor. Let's hope that Iggy doesn't drown in donkey blood.

Stay tuned for coverage of everyone's favorite blogger in addition to all the hot chicas who advanced to Day 2B.

466 players from Day 2A advanced to Day 3. 2,678 are in the mix on Day 2B. If you use Benjo's Formula of Donkey Liquification... at one hundred per hour... we should be down to around 1,800 at the end of the day. I'm predicting that number will actually be lower... somewhere in between 1,500 and 1,600.

Stay tuned for live updates from the trenches.

* * * * *


In position early today. I walked in and the entire room was set up. Kudos to Harrahs to getting everything in the Amazon Room in order. I have no idea how the other areas are running since every orifice will be filled on Day 2B... Tropical Room, Brasilia, Buzios, and the Poker Room. Heard a rumor that they will play 11-handed in the buffet if need be.

When I walked in the floor staff was quelling a potential dealer riot. I didn't know what was going, but I think that the dealers were bummed that they thought they were all going to get stiffed a down.

Rob was wandering around and he overheard one dealer bitching and moaning about players. She called him out for not showing players in their true light. He told her to go read my blog.

Anyway, Charlie and another floor person had some sort contest where they picked a section of dealers. Charlie's section was Orange and they had to yell out "Aces!" His opposing floorperson had the blue section and they had to shout out "Kings!" Who ever yelled the loudest won. Charlie did his best to fire up is section but the Kings won. Aces cracked by Kings. Bad beat for Charlie.

Ian commented that the scene we witnessed resembled some sort of bizarre corporate team building ritual.

One hour until game time. I can taste the fear already.

Benjo said that I incorrectly published the wrong Formula of Donkey Liquification. For day 2B it will be about 170 casualties an hour. Adjust your wagers accordingly.

OK Benjo keeps increasing his number... it's now at 200 per hour.

* * * * *


The doors opened up at 11:30pm and players trickled inside. The early arrivals are often the first to bust out.

ESPN told me that the featured TV table will include Moneymaker and Clonie. Jerry Yang will be on the outer feature table.

Playing today? Iggy, Matt Parvis, Joe Hachem, Phil Hellmuth, Shannon Elizabeth, Evelyn Ng, Liz Lieu, Burt Boutin, Archie Karas, Mike Matusow, Jeff Madsen, Nenad Medic, David Singer, Isabelle Mercier, Michael Binger, John Juanda, Howard Lederer, Ice Man, Carlos Mortensen, Allen Cunningham, Antonio Esfiandari, Unabomber, RainKhan, Men the Master, Gus Hansen, Johnny Chan, Tiffany Michelle, David Einhorn, and Jen Harman.

I wonder if Dario will be sweating Isabelle?

Kimberly from ESPN had a birthday today. She got to do the honors... "Shuffle up and deal!"

Cards in the air at 12:06pm. Five levels today. Two hour levels. 250/500 blinds with 50 antes.

* * * * *


Recent Bustouts: John Juanda, Michael DeMichele, Sully Erna, Shirley Williams

Players Remaining: 2,194

Iggy Watch: Down to 32k after he lost some chips to Joe Bartholdi.

Hot Chicas: Tiffany Michelle sits in like forty-seven different positions at the poker table. Hmmmmmmm. Liz Lieu is seated next to a guy in a black fedora. Three guys at her tables wearing PokerStars hats. Carmel Petresco is playing today. She always looks so sad at the tables... like her cat just died.

Within minutes of cards being in the air, you could hear the cries of "All in and a call!" which were followed up by "Open seat!"

Matt Parvis is sitting right next to Sklansky. Johnny Mushrooms is on the corner and a perfect spot for me to sweat him.

The entire Amazon Room is packed. I wandered over to Brasilia. That's packed. I walked up to the tables in front of Buzios. Every seat is taken. Poor Jen Harman is used to playing the biggest cash games in the world in the lavish Bobby's Room at the Bellagio. Now, she's sitting out in front of the damn seafood restaurant. She could almost lean over and touch the lobster tank.

As I left Buzios, a couple of diehard media reps were checking out the action including Aaron and Foiled Coup. He was trying to snap a photo of Jose Canseco's girlfriend before something bad happened.

As I returned to the Amazon Room and walked down the long hallway, I saw players who busted out of Day 2B less than one hour in. Ah, the walk of shame. I have never lost $10,000... in one sitting in a poker tournament, so I couldn't tell you about the misery and anguish that accompanies a humiliating elimination from the WSOP.

I also spotted Dario. I wonder if he was going to sweat Isabelle?

It's tough being a railbird. Tony Hachem was sitting on the sidelines sweating his kin and getting a massage. He looks hella hungover.

Norm Chad was actually taking notes. I thought he wandered around on the floor with a notebook just for show like a couple of other media reps do to pretend to look busy. He's left-handed.

Micon is sporting an ugly red Hawaiian shirt with Indiana U. branding all over it. If Bobby Knight saw that fashion faux pas, He would choke Micon and then toss him from practice.

Tao of Poker reader Andrew Webking was just moved into the Orange section.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Henning Granstad, Curt Kohlberg, Igor Ioffe, Howard Berchowitz, and Dylan Linde

Recent Bustouts: Jerry Yang, Lacey Jones, Matt Parvis, Beth Shak, Amnon Filippi, sbrugby, Rizen

Players Remaining: 1,935

Iggy Watch: Up to 42K after taking down a pot. Joe Bartholdi is sitting at Iggy's table. He's sporting a scarf. Iggy can't lose chips to an American-born scarf wearer. David Singer just sat down at Iggy's table.

Hot Chicas: Lacey Jones is busto. A guy wearing a pink band and a pink headband sat down next to Liz. Carmel is wearing a white hoodie which she has up. She looks like a fallen angel among the lecherous oafs in hell.

Jerry Yang has been eliminated on Day 2. His reign is over. Slippers told me the hand A-J versus A-9. No divine intervention for Yangwhen a nine fell on the flop.

There's a guy on the rail with a video camera. He's been taping footage of different things, like Adam Schoenfeld. Why?

I think Clonie is busto. I spotted her outside holding court in the smoking section with a circle of people around her as she recant her heroic victory in the 5k at the Bellagio.

Andrew Webking and Barbara Enright started out in the poker room and they were moved to the Orange section. Here's what happens... They break tables in Orange and move those players to empty seats in Blue. Then they moved the poker room players into those Orange tables which were broken. They will do that with Buzio's and will eventually start with the other rooms (Tropical and Brasilia) until eventually everyone is in the Amazon Room. That's a huge clusterfuck and anyone trying to cover specific players will have a tough time today.

Jimmy Sommerfeld gave Nolan Dalla a tough time as he passed the press box. "Wow, Nolan is on site today. Ain't no baseball games goin'?"

Saw another AA vs AA hand at Micon's table. Chop it up.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Henning Granstad, Curt Kohlberg, Howard Berchowitz, Carlos Mortensen, and MrSmokey1

Recent Bustouts: Peter Jepsen, Shannon Elizabeth, Sheets, Matt Savage, Clonie Gowen, and Eric Hershler

Players Remaining: 1,793

Iggy Watch: 43K and holding steady. ESPN cameras on his table capturing David Singer, who has been eating soup since returning from break.

Hot Chicas: Shannon Elizabeth is gone. Liz Lieu has 55K. Evy has 69K. Isabelle has 52K and glowing. Tiffany Michelle's table broke. She had over 100K when she moved. Gloria brought her some food. "She wanted a pretzel and they (poker kitchen) were out so I got her a pepperoni pizza." Tiffany loves PizzSlut. She was sporting a Public Enemy shirt today.

Schecky doubled up before the break.

Johnny Mushrooms was also eating soup. He was involved in a hand that he won with a river bet. His opponent folded and he dragged the pot. As the dealer grabbed his cards (which he didn't show), she accidentally flipped them over and everyone could see his hand. He just shrugged his shoulders. I know a lot of players who would have bit the dealer's head off for something like than. Johnny Mushroom is always calm and cool and breezy at the tables.

Matusow was short and down to 5,200. He told the Poker Shrink that he's on a "tight table but with good players."

With all of the poker room and Buzio's table broken, they are starting to break tables in the Tropical Room. Phil Hellmuth was in there and moved to a table in front of the press box. His wife is sitting on the rail. ESPN cameras were hovering around the Poker Brat's table.

FoiledCoup saw Vince Van Patten at the Bellagio last night. He asked VVP is he still had a job. "Yes," said the co-host of the WPT. "But I haven't checked my email in three hours."

I wandered up to the Beast Lounge. Man, it was packed. So were the stands. Everybody loves Moneymaker. He's up there on the featured TV table and it's standing room only. Press. Agents. Fans. People taking photos with flash. The Lounge was crowded but packed with non-drinkers. One side is the "library" or reading section where bored friends and family sit up there with a book or magazine. One young woman thumbed through the Obama issue of Rolling Stone. An old guy read a mass paperback called "Justice Denied." And a very lonely attractive woman with a huge rock on her finger sipped a cocktail as she starred off into space. Dreaming about being anywhere but here. I know that feeling well.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Terry Lade, Henning Granstad, Evan Woodington, Johnny Bax, Igor Ioffe

Recent Bustouts: John 'Schecky' Caldwell, Jack Ury, Rene Mouritsen, Brad Booth, Brad Daugherty, Mel Judah, Howard Lederer, Bill Chen, Nick Binger, Steve Dannenmann

Players Remaining: 1,699

Iggy Watch: 45K. Iggy's table was broken. He no longer has David Singer and Joe Bartholdi at his table. Iggy said that Singer admitted he had never seen 'The Godfather' before. Anyway, Iggy is at the table next to Micon's.

Hot Chicas: Kara Scott from the EPT has over 100K. According to Change100, Carmel Petresco doubled up. She's not as sad as before. Tiffany Michelle up to 120K. Liz Lieu slipped a bit.

Schecky ran into Aces and went out.

Jack Ury, the oldest guy in the room, was eliminated.

"I've been here two days too long," one WSOP worker said as I passed by. I know that feeling.

Phil Laak is wearing a shirt hat says "Who's your daddy?"

Ramzi Jelassai is at Hellmuth table. Again. At the WSOP-Europe Main Event in London in September, the two were jawing back and forth with each other. The brash young Brit stood up to Hellmuth's bullying antics.

* * * * *


Today's smoke break is sponsored by PokerStars!

* * * * *


Big stacks: Terry Lade, Henning Granstad, Johnny Bax, Evan Woodington, Chad Layne

Recent Bustouts: Isabelle Mercier, Erik Cajelais, Josef Berec, Matt Hawrilenko, Jeff Shulman

Players Remaining: 1,530

Iggy Watch: He said he was angry and hungry during the color up break. He was around 40K the last time I checked.

Hot Chicas: Liz at 45K. She folded a set of tens on a flush board when two players in front of her were all in. Good fold. One had a flush and the other a set. She was last seen getting a massage on the break. Tiffany slipped to 20K after she had her Aces snapped off.

I went to the Beast Lounge to check out the status of Moneymaker. A couple of fans were taking pictures of the back of his head. Money was at the same table as David Einhorn. There was one person napping in the lounge, while a couple of others continued to read.

I sweated some of Allen Cunningham's table. He was short and the ESPN cameras hovered.

There was a Michaela Johansson sighting in the hallways. Dave King was giddy when I told him about the Swedish bombshell's appearance on Day 2B as a railbird.

Players just returned from a color up break. No more 25s in play.

Bond18 jumped up to 56K and then took a major hit. He's at Bobby Bellande's table.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Terry Lade, Henning Granstad, Evan Woodington, Steve Austin, Chad Layne

Recent Bustouts: David Einhorn, Curly Seal, Cory Zeidman, Diego Cordovez, Irv Gotti, Lee Childs

Players Remaining: 1,512

Iggy Watch: Iggy final won a pot... his first of the day. It pushed him past the 55K mark. Then he slipped back down to 46K.

Hot Chicas: One of the PokerStars qualifiers at Liz Lieu's table was eliminated and replaced by a young Scandi.

Benjo's math is right, well his re-adjustment that is. About 200 players busted out per hour in the first four hours of play.

Micon was mugging for ESPN cameras. As Iggy said, "It's the Bryan Micon show." ESPN was loving it. At one point he was yapping with that cowboy guy (the scavenger which Michalksi likes to make fun off) and offered to give him his $10 food comp.

On the break Micon asked for for any good luck tips. I told him to think of the number 8. Any eight. 88. 888. 8 is a lucky number for Asians.

PokerStars threw one bitchin' party n Monday night. I'm talking to folks who went there who are still shaking off hangovers.

I found my boy, Diogo Borges! He's got over 100k in chips. I fuckin' love that guy. Diogo! Say it ten times really fast with me... Diogo Diogo Diogo Diogo Diogo Diogo Diogo Diogo Diogo Diogo!

I also found McLovin. He's an Irish player that I always forget what his real name is. But he's a dead ringer for McLovin.

I saw two more typical all ins on Day 2.... Big Slick versus Kings. Kings won both times.

Gus Hansen was moved to the featured TV table and all the ladies are swooning. The Unabomber was moved to the secondary table.

Joe Hachem was getting a massage the last time I stopped by his section. Slippers used to deal to Joe all the time in Australia. He said that he found the perfect sunglasses... Oakleys with a built in iPod headphone and bluetooth. You can definitely go sunglasses shopping at the WSOP by just walking around the Amazon Room. I never noticed that until Slippers pointed it out.

PokerNews and PokerStars lost Brandon Schaefer. No one can find him. "How is that possible? He's the tallest Asian in the room?"

* * * * *


Big stacks: Terry Lade, Darryl Bonconi, Henning Granstad, Alexander Kostristyn, Chad Layne

Recent Bustouts: John Murphy, Antonio Esfiandari, Imperium, Michael Binger

Players Remaining: 1,278

Iggy Watch: Iggy has about 42k. "Big Slick no good," he texted me. One guy to his right went crazy and spewed 200k in chips but Iggy didn't get any of those. "I think he's going to go to the bathroom and cry," joked Iggy. Hey I saw it happen on Day 1. Grown men crying when they got busted out of the WSOP. A guy in a black cowboy hat sat down at his table. I told him that was a good thing. he rather play against him than some crazy Scandi with perfectly messy hair.

Hot Chicas: Tiffany Michelle was in trouble before she doubled up to 28K. Liz Lieu down to under 40K.

I wandered the hallways and they were practically empty. That surprised me but then again, the Tropical Room was empty and there were only four tables in the Brasilia Room, but those quickly broke. They already started converting the red section into cash games. The entire field is finally inside the Amazon Room.

One guy flopped a set of Queens and doubled up against A-Q. He was definitely East Coast. Jersey? Staten Island? When he won he said, "Lock it up!" Then he turned to the rail and screamed, "Yo Chucky! Lock it up!" Steve Frezer walked by and said, "Uh oh, here's the first Chucky shout of the night."

I saw three Beast girls walking down the hallway in unison, in size order, shortest to tallest. They all carried Starbucks cups. Is that against the rules? Beast models drinking a different product?

Antonio Esfiandari rushed past me as I walked into the Amazon Room. The speed and brisk manner of his walk told me one thing... busto.

I saw Paul "Cigar" McKinney triple up in a hand. He was all in and avoided elimination when he rivered trips with A-K.

Just met Lara Miller. Her friend country singer Andy Griggs is still in with 70k. He never played poker two weeks ago and the folks at Doyle's Room gave him a crash course. He survived Day 1 even though that was his first tournament experience. Amazing.

* * * * *


Players Remaining: 1223

Iggy Watch: Iggy has 66.5k at the break. He took a bad beat on his meal but he's recharged and ready to play. Got to chat for about five minutes and he's in great spirits.

Hot Chicas: Kara Scott slipped under 100K. Three minutes before th dinner break began. I spotted Liz Lieu heading towards the door. For a sec, I thought she busted. But, she had a smile on her face, so I assumed she was pulling a veteran move and leaving a few minutes early for break.

Two more levels to play. Players just returned from break. Within seconds, the cries of "All in and a call" rang out and nearly drowned out the clattering of chips. Everytime you hear "Seat open!" another donkey dies. Another statistic.

Hellmuth's table attracted the most media before the dinner break started. They wanted to get in good position to sweat the Poker Brat.

* * * *


Big Stacks: Peter Biebel, Mohamad Kowssarie, Alex Outhred, Darryl Ronconi, Steve Lade

Recent Eliminations: Tony Bloom, Andrew Robl, Bernard Lee, Ayaz Mahmood, Carlos Mortensen

Players Remaining: 1,107

Iggy Watch: Iggy at 77k. His table broke and now he's sitting right next to Jason "Strassa2" Strasser at new table. Otis swears that the devil is also sitting at the table.

Hot Chicas: Liz Lieu doubled up shortly after the dinner break.

The view from the press box... I'm chomping down on my six-pack of Oreos as I look out onto the floor. There's a warm of press surrounding Phil Hellmuth's table. The ESPN crew has been hovering around Hellmuth's table ever since he arrived. Random photographers from every possible outlet have been fighting for elbow room and looking for the perfect shot of Hellmuth on the verge of a meltdown. He's like a volcano ready to explode. And if/when he does, everyone wants to capture it.

It's never hard to find Phil Hellmuth. He's one of the guys that I never have to look up his seating assignment. I just follow the cameras.

The rail is strong tonight with a couple of hot blonde across from me sweating orange #45. Where's the hombres at Wicked Chops Poker when you need them?

Donkeys getting desperate are the donkeys getting decimated. Seeing lots of A-rag pushes versus middle pairs. Pairs holding up and A-rags getting creamed.

* * * * *


Big Stacks: Raja Kattamuri, Peter Biebel, Alex Outhred, Jasan Su, and Darryl Ronconi

Recent Eliminations: Joe Hachem, Phil Laak, Johnny Mushrooms, Archie Karas, Dan Shak, Matt Vengrin, Iceman

Players Remaining: 988

Iggy Watch: Iggy is at 68.5k.

Hot Chicas: Liz Lieu is sitting up on her knees which gives her extra height at the tables. She's towering over her opponents. Across the way, Carmel Petresco flirted with the chip leaders. For the first time all day I saw her actually laugh.

"Hey Otis, your qualifier with the giant penguin stuffed animal is gone," I said.

"How can a guy with a penguin bust out? Life's not fair," he said.

Major suckout on table next to Iggy's where the lovely Kara Scott is sitting. I just heard a "Nooooooooo!" and then the guy slapped his hand on the table. He stormed out of the room. Two minutes after the hand, the remaining players at the table are making fun of the sore loser.

AC legend Action Bob is playing next to Iggy's table. He said, "I'm trying to actually so something on the west coast."

* * * * *


Big Stacks: Raja Kattamuri, Peter Biebel, Alex Outhred. Alexander Kostristyn, Victor Ramdin

Recent Eliminations: David Sklansky, Rafe Furst, Bruce Buffer, David Daneshgar, David Oppenheim, Harley Hall, and blogger Loretta8

Players Remaining: 909

Iggy Watch: Change100 counted Iggy's chips and said that he was down to 57k. An ESPN crew hovered around his table for a few minutes.

Hot Chicas: Liz down to 30K, while Kara Scott is back over 100K.

Another online douchebag jumped and screamed, "Hold! Hold! Hold!"

And when his handheld up he screamed and clapped. What happened to excessive celebration rules?

Of course an hour earlier a different guy was in a similar situation. He made a big scene about it. But he lost the hand and slapped his fists on the table.

Wow, so that's how these guys act in public? I can only imagine how they act when they are at home playing online poker.

One of the floor guys said that Tiffany Michelle and her boyfriend Dave Stann happened to get on the same table. He was moved there, I think. Anyway, that must suck because there are over 100 tables left and they got seated at the same one. Anyway, someone complained that they were texting each other at the tables and they were given a warning. That behavior was not allowed or tolerated. They have been on their best behavior since.

Michalski and I taped another episode of Tao of Pokerati which we did from the hallway. Michalski has been set up out there all night and trying to get some work done. Thought it would be funny to rip off Poker Road and tape something there.

Lara Miller told me about her friend Any Griggs. He was playing today and a true novice. He had Hellmuth giving him pointers on the break. I wandered by Griggs' table and he was all in. He was ahead with Ace-high against a straight and flush draws. He dodged several bullets and has chips. "He's gonna make the money," said a jubilant Lara. I told her that she jixed him right there. Anyway, regardless, it's an interesting story especially since he's sitting across Men the Master.

French pro Nicolas Levi and David Singer have been battling all night. Whenever Homer sweated the table, Singer lost a pot. Benjo offered Homer $2 to continue to sweat the table.

* * * * *


Big Stacks: Alex Outhred, Peter Biebel, Raja Kattamuri , Victor Ramdin, and Reagan Silber

Recent Eliminations: Bryan Micon, Liz Lieu, David Singer, Amir Vahedi, Tom Chambers, Burt Boutin

Players Remaining: 855

Iggy Watch: Iggy made a moved on the California female cop. He opened for a raise. She popped him. He moved all in. She tanked then said, "This is a professional laydown." She folded and then flashed Iggy her hand... Kh-Kd. He tabled Ac-Ad. He had around 88K after that hand.

Hot Chicas: Liz is out. Booooo. Kara Scott's table is near the press box. Kara's smile illuminated the room like a million fiery suns. I'd pay $124 just to be the PokerStars patch on her bosom.

Nicolas Levi finished off David Singer. I gotta say, I never saw so many media reps happy to see a player bust out.

I asked a couple of Poker News floor reporters what they felt about today's field...

"These players are terrible," mentioned Slippers. "They are worse than last year."

"I see a lot of bad plays. Tons of people overvaluing top pair top kicker," commented Anthony.

We finally found Brandon Schaefer. He's sporting a Seachickens t-shirt. He had a nice stack and trying to cash in another event this year. I made a bet a couple of years ago that Brandon would win a bracelet before his best buddy Carl Olson... who someone in the media once dubbed, "The White Phil Ivey."

Michalski has been doing undercover agent research. He's been trying to slap patches on random players including one Dallas guy, Raja Kattamur, who held the chipleader.

Action for Day 2B is complete. Day 3 will start at noon.

Seriously, congrats to Iggy for going deep. Well done sir! Now, stay sober, get some rest, and if you survive one more day, you'll cash!

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