Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Tao of Pokerati Episodes!

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

One of my favorite parts about covering the 2008 WSOP was a half-baked idea called the Tao of Pokerati podcast. Stephen Noh suggested that Michalski and I start our own podcast so we went out and did the first one in the hallway. Then another... and another. Along the way we had some special guests such as Benjo, Otis, the Poker Shrink, and Change100.

The best part about the Tao of Pokerati podcast is that they are quick bites and super short clips around 3 minutes in length. It was perfect for our short attentions span (Michalksi is had adult ADD) and the little nuggets were quick sound bites for you to listen to while destroying workplace productivity or background fodder while you play online poker.

Three recent episodes that stood out were...

Episode #19... which we recorded at Sapphire strip club for the Bluff party featuring Otis

Episode #23... we captured the excitement of the Main Event Bubble!

Episode #25... with special guest the Poker Shrink where he discussed his patient Mike Matusow and Aderrall.

The big star of the podcast this summer was Benjo. When he joined the mix, those were some of my favorite (and most hilarious) episodes. I might have to splice together a "Best of Benjo!"

Here's the first 32 episodes...
Episode 1: Game On! (3:16)
Episode 2: Dirty Sklanchez (3:30)
Episode 2.5: Poker Couture with special guest Benjo (1:03)
Episode 3: Milwaukee’s Best Vinny (3:25)
Episode 4: Late-Night Piladies (3:43)
Episode 5: Long Road (3:23)
Episode 6: Lowballin' (3:02)
Episode 7: Brasilia Time (4:23)
Episode 8: Online Sharks::Salmon (3:07)
Episode 9: Do You See What I See? (3:58)
Episode 10: Eurotarded(2:26)
Episode 11: Floorplay (3:21)
Episode 12: Going Halfsies (4:41)
Episode 12.5: Le Donk (1:35)
Episode 13: Energy Bucks (3:37)
Episode 14: Stakehouse (4:41)
Episode 15: Horse Rubbing (2:57)
Episode 16: Generation Bracelet (3:51)
Bonus Episode: Doyle Out featuring Benjo (2:00)
Episode 17: Gold Coasting (2:41)
Episode 17.1: Benjo - Barley Legal (0:55)
Episode 17.2: Benjo - Hooker Tournament Chips (1:05)
Episode 17.3: Benjo - Le Masturbe (1:20)
Episode 18: Triple Crown and Coke (4:54)
Episode 19: Topless Beer Pong (2:44)
Episode 20: Surviving Day 1a (3:58)
Episode 21: Poker for Africa (4:25)
Episode 22: Agent Oranges (7:07)
Episode 23: Bubbilicious (3:46)
Episode 24: Kids in the Hall (4:31)
Episode 25: Maderrall featuring the Poker Shrink (5:32)
Episode 26: Agents, Frenchies, and Polacks featuring Benjo (3:48)
Episode 27: Payouts and Payoffs (5:11)
FYI... You can right-click and Save As to download the MP3s to your hard drive. Or just click the link directly to stream it on your computer.

Michalski is a tad slow uploading the last couple of episodes including a fashion report featuring Change100 and our final WSOP broadcast. Stay tuned for those episodes.

Thanks to everyone for listening.

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