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WSOP Day 37: Main Event Day 1C - Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Welcome back to the World Series of Poker live from the coolest place on the planet... Las Vegas. I'm so happy to be here and really couldn't think of a better place to be. This is such a magical place filled with rainbows and butterflies and unicorns and adorable puppies and kittens and articulate strippers who do the NY Times crossword in ink and are saving up for medical school because they want to save all the dying children in Africa.

And winning the WSOP? It's the quickest way to the fulfillment of the American dream. Money. Power. Sex. Sponsorships deals. TV commercials. Private jets. And your very own reality TV series.

Today is the third day of Day 1. They call this Day 1c. I call this Ground Hog's Day. Ned? Ned Ryerson! Needlenose Ned. Ned the Head.

* * * * *


I arrived early as the staff set up the room much faster than the previous two days. They would be ontime for Day 1c.

I popped into the Brasilia Room. Every single table had a dealer. 60 tables in there used for the first time in the Main Event.

Updated unofficial numbers...
Day 1a: 1,297
Day 1b: 1,158
Day 1c: 1,700
Total Registered for Main Event: 5,730
Notable players in the mix today? Tony G, Mike Sexton, Bryan Micon, Burt Boutin, Gavin Griffin, Mike Matusow, Mel Judah, Max Pescatori, Liz Lieu, John Juanda, JC Tran, Joe Hachem, Isabelle Mercier, Huck Seed, Zee Justin, Alex Jacob, Amnon FIlippi, Evelyn Ng, David Sklansky, David Chiu, Paul Darden, and Jeff Lisandro.

Kirk Morrison is here. Wow. I have not seen him since the first day.

"Guess who just wheeled in here?" said Aaron. He pointed to Orange #37. It was non-other than smut magnet Larry Flynt.

* * * * *


The majority of players were seated at noon. They immediately started ruffling chips. Nervous? Bad habits? Trying to look like a bad ass?

Jack Effel explained the rules. One of them was not to use profanity. Effel listed players, dealers, staff... but did not mention the media. Awesome.

Jeffrey Pollack got on the mic to bust out the rhymes. He introduced Andy Grigs who showed up with acoustic guitar and a big fat Doyle's Room patch on his shirt. Everything is for sale at the WSOP. By the way, play online poker at PokerStars.

I verified the spelling of his name with Feldman.

"Grigs is with one g or two?"

"Who cares?" said Feldman.

When I walked in at 11am, Grigs was doing a soundcheck. When he was done, I yelled out, "Play Freebird!"

Cards are in the air at 12:07pm.

Five levels today. Two hour levels. Biggest field to date. Let the bloodshed begin.

* * * * *


Hot Chicas: Liz Lieu, Lacey Jones and everyone's favorite cougar Michele Lewis is playing today. Stay tuned for updates.

Blogger Update: Iggy and LJ are at the same table. Lucko is sitting right behind them.

Prop Bet Loser of the Day: Garry Gates. Poor poor Garry. He made a bet with Evelyn Ng in Guitar Hero. Garry lost and had to dress up in a toga and fan Evelyn and feed her grapes.

Garry got in trouble with Jack Effel who made him stop fanning.

Johnny Mushrooms is in the mix today along with my editor at Bluff, Matt Parvis.

Jerry Yang wandered through the crowd and shook everyone's hand.

"I'm just gonna take out my cock and walk around for a level. Will ESPN want to tape that?" wondered Otis.

Insert micropenis joke here _____.

FYI... I fucked up Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. I set up a Limit Omaha event instead of PLO and did not realize this until thirty minutes before hand. I wanted to cancel this week but I could not. Sorry about the mixup.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Carl Henriksson, Clonie Gowen, Joe Hachem, Ryan Hughes, and Sam Farha

Recent bustouts: Larry Flynt, Michael Gracz, Huck Seed

Players Remaining: ?????

Main Event Totals: ???? Green Box Conspiracy continues

Hot Chicas: Tiffany "Hot Chips" Michelle is in the mix today with 26K. Liz Lieu has 24K. Evy has 26.5K. Lacey slipped to 16K. I lost Michele Lewis.

Schecky is playing today. He was already moved tables.

I did another hat count in the Amazon Ballroom.
Cowboy Hats: 9
PokerStars Straw Hats: 8
Cowboy Hats with PokerStars Branding: 1
Black Fedoras: 2
Yankees Hats: 7
I saw a suck/resuck hand. Queens versus Aces. All in on the flop. Queens flopped a set. Aces sucked out with a runner-runner Wheel. Ouch.

Matusow is holding court at the TV table and the interns are keeping everyone out with the exception of spectators. No agents. No media. No hot models.

One guy had a book underneath his chair... Caro's Book of Tells.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Carl Henriksson, Juan Maceiras, Clonie Gowen, Bryan Devonshire, and Joe Hachem

Recent bustouts: Lars Bonding

Shortstacks: LJ

Players Remaining: ?????

Main Event Totals: 5,800+ and climbing. The Green Box Conspiracy continues

Hot Chicas: Tiffany Michelle was moved into the Orange section. She's up to 38K. Both her and Evy are within eyeshot. Lacey is under 15K. Isabelle at 16K. Liz Lieu at 24K.

Senator Al D'Amato sighting in the pressbox. Michalski was glad handing him.

Hallways are always congested on the breaks. With the addition of the different booths hawking stuff, you often get stuck in a mini-traffic jam of people. Harrahs should have inserted either a petting zoo or a real stripper pole to alleviate the pain. Maybe both. Strippers and puppies. What a wonderful combination that can end world hunger. Flop a royal flush and get a free lapdance. Crack Aces and get your picture taken with a puppy.

We have a couple of new episodes of Tao of Pokerati both of which have cameos from Otis. Episode 19 was recorded at Sapphire strip club.
Episode 19: Topless Beer Pong (feat. Otis)
Episode 20: Surviving Day 1A (feat. Otis)
In a weird twist of irony, Schecky is sitting right in front of the spot where the CardPlayer guys sit in the pressbox. Eric Morris from Bluff is sitting at his table along with Kevin O'Donnell.

Welcome back to the World Series of Shiny Happy Things.

This is the place where dreams are fulfilled and ordinary guys and gals like you and me can turn $1 into millions and millions at the turn of the card with only a minimal understand of the complexities of poker and without even knowing how to calculate pot odds and outs. I love this game. I was so devastatingly wrong about images of bloodshed, gore, and utter misery. Everyone left in today's event is happy and smiling and enjoying all the delicious All In beverages and they can't wait to use their generous $10 food comp provided by Harrahs.

Ah, and as soon as players busted out, tables in the red section were broken and converted from tournament tables to cash game tables. Churn 'em and burn 'em.

Michalski arrived. He smells like smoke after covering a fire in the dumpster out back. He's always on the job. Head over to Pokerati for the breaking news of the big WSOP inferno.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Clonie Gowen, Rhett Butler, Carl Henriksson, John Strzemp, and Jeff Madsen

Recent bustouts: LJ, NeverWin, Mike Sexton, Daniel Alaei, bracelet winners Davidi Kitai and Italian Pirate Max Pescatori.

Players Remaining: ?????

Main Event Totals: ???? Green Box Conspiracy continues

Hot Chicas: Lacey under 15K. Tiffany "Hot Chips" Michelle has 34K. She made a crazy move. "Dirty move indeed," was what one player described it. Liz Lieu surged to 37K. Isabelle has 16K and looking boonylicious. Evy has under 25K . I found the poker cougar Michelle Lewis. She has 18K.

Lacey. Nice.

LJ is out. Her Kings were outflopped by Big Slick and took a hit. Then She ran her Queens into a set of sixes and was out. Iggy won the table last longer (I assume they had one). He had about 18.5K. Lucko behind them lost a pot and slipped to 22K. And for all of you Schecky fans, he's sitting on 21K.

I took the back hallways and found Doyle Brunson in the corner by the noodle kitchen taking a nap on his scooter. I wish I had a camera for that random, yet special moment.

Archie Karras is playing today. He lost a pot and slipped to 23K. He has a guy with a mohawk at his table.

As I walked through the crowd, two guys were exchanging bad beat stories about how they got busted on Day 1a and 1b. It was almost as if they were trying to brag about the worst beat.

Oh, and congrats to CSauve for winning Saturdays with Dr. Pauly (the Limit version)!

6009 and counting for the Main Event.

* * * * *


Today's smoke break is sponsored by PokerStars!

* * * * * *


Big stacks: Carl Henriksson, John Strzemp, Clonie Gowen, Brian 'sbrugby' Townsend, and Chris Moneymaker

Recent bustouts: Ut Nguyen and Chad 'lilholdem' Batista

Players Remaining: 1,665

Main Event Totals: 6,065... the Green Box Conspiracy continues

Hot Chicas: Tiffany "Hot Chips" Michelle has 33K. Liz Lieu is up to 44K. Isabelle is up to 30K.

Johnny Mushroom shas 23K. "Some guy sitting at my table has a 'How to play online poker book' by Doyle Brunson. that seems to be the standard," he said.

Grubby sighting in the press box. He's in between slot tournaments. Bond18 also stopped by. He won a Bellagio tournament last night. He's unstuck for the year and paid off his backers and feeling great.

I chatted with Ted from PokerStars Blog China. He told me to check out a few of his players such as Mai Qiu, Terry Fan, and some online guy named Loo Cha.

For a few minutes during the break, the room is calm. The dealers are sitting down watching the empty tables. As soon as the surly security guards open the doors, the lambs and sheep and donkeys and emus are led into the killing fields. Within minutes a dozen will succumb and a dealer will shriek, "Seat open!"

* * * * *


Big stacks: Michael Martin, Diogo Borges, Clonie Gowen, Jeff Madsen, Leonardo Emperador

Recent bustouts: Lucko, Gavin Griffin, Vivek 'ISeeDeadPeople' Rajkumar, Dmitri Nobles, Joe Reitman, Mimi Tran, Terrence 'NotJohnny' Chan, Edward Moncada, and 2008 bracelet winners Joe Commisso and Scott Seiver.

Players Remaining: 1,602

Main Event Totals: 6,065 unconfirmed... the Green Box Conspiracy continues

Hot Chicas: Evy Baby crushing her table. Up to 60K. Liz Lieu at 39K. Tiffany Michelle slipped to 30K. Lacey on a mini run and up to 19K. Isabelle Mercier making Team PokerStars proud with 40K. Smiles all around from her and anyone walking past her. Her table is just an oasis of warmth. I feel all warm and fuzzy whenever I get within a fifteen foot radius of Isabelle. The poker cougar have been clawed. Michelle Lewis is busto. Schecky was moved to her table and he's sitting on 22K. I can't believe I squeezed Scheky into a Hot Chica report. I watched him for a bit and the guy folds like a champ.

Blogger Update: Lucko is out when he lost a race, according to MeanGene. Iggy's table broke and he's playing near the pressbox. I can see the back of his little head and his tiny feet dangling off his chair.

Matt Parvis has 23K and hanging in there.

Oh my. I found my new favorite player. Diogo Borges. Say that 45 times really fast. Diogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo BorgesDiogo Borges.

Whenever I feel brave, I roam the hallways. It's always a risk because it is a dangerous place where people of questionable morality hangout, conduct business, and try to do everything possible to fuck the skanky girls working the Sapphire booth. Two of the hussies were engaged in a deep discussion on Empiricism and their favorite position to make whoopee in. One of them repeatedly sang the praises of being on top. Her friend disagreed.

"Nothing beats doggie style," I heard as I slowly sauntered by eavesdropping into their conversation as a sloppy guy in a cowboy hat and a drink asked to take a photo.

Two guys stood in line at the ATM discussing a bad beat. Obviously. I said hello to the German lady who tended bar in front of the satellite room. That's another place to catch bad beat stories.

Pojo told me about the hot dealer on Red #14. I have seen her since Day 1 and she must get hit on by horny donkeys 99.9% of her day. If I was her boyfriend I'd be standing on the rail with a shot gun.

The buzz in the entire room was at the crossroads smack the middle. Chris Moneymaker sat at the corner table that attracted a bevy of spectators that stood five and six deep on the rail. Gawking. Whsipering. Wondering. Projecting. The ESPN camera crew filled a hand that Money was playing. That attracted more curious folks as I elbowed with the masses to catch a glimpse of the betting action.

"What's going on here?" said one guy with a bag full of schwag from the expo.

"That's what's his name?!?" his buddy said.

"Yeah. The guy in the black hat. He won it. Right?"

"He's been sponsored I think. By PartyStars."

I squeezed my way through the mob of rabid fans snapping photos of Moneymaker as flashes went off every other second. I caught my breath and watched Joe Hachem's table. There was an ESPN crew nearby, but they all sat down and looked bored. Nothing going on except Hachem having a relaxing chat with his tablemates.

I walked over to the featured TV table. The vigilant Harrahs interns were still policing the area. It was almost like a neighborhood watch and they kept out the agents and branded models trying to get free advertising on TV.

On my way back, I passed through Archie Karras' table. He's up to 27K.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Michael Martin, Brad 'Yukon' Booth, Diogo Borges, Clonie Gowen, Chris Moneymaker

Recent bustouts: Sam Khouiss, David Chiu, Bracelet winner Jesper Hougaard, Issac, ZeeJustin, Haxton, and Matt McCullough

Players Remaining: 1,500+

Main Event Totals: 6,179 unconfirmed... the Green Box Conspiracy continues

Hot Chicas: Evy past 63K and in the zone while listening to her iPod. Liz at 39K. Isabelle down to 35K. And Tiffany Michelle is at 30K.

Iggy Alert: 17K and zero anti-semetic slurs

Here are unofficial numbers...
Day 1a: 1,297
Day 1b: 1,158
Day 1c: 1,928
Day 1d: 1,796
Total: 6,179
Wow, Moneymaker making a serious run this afternoon. He's been playing under a ton of scrutiny, like always. Tons of railbirds and even more media sweating him and critiquing every hand he plays.

I spotted Kirk Morrison sprint past the press box. When you are running out of the tournament area, it generally means it is not a bustout and rather a run to the bathroom or a much needed cigarette break. "He's been playing like every hand," mentioned Change100 who is seated in front of Morrison's table. His stack has been up and down all day. But that's how he plays.

I saw Joe Awada playing in the Blue section. He was playing at Otis' 2/5 table at the Palms the other day and now he's in the Main Event.

Archie Karras up to 32K. Wonder if he'll shoot dice with TJ on the break?

Players are going on a 90 minute dinner break. Time to binge drink with British writers. That's what they fondly call 'Tea Time'.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Michael Martin, David Singer, tsarast, Brad Booth, Diogo Borges

Recent Bustouts: Marco Traniello, Bart Hanson, and Joe Tehan

Updated numbers: 1,447 players left out of 1,928 runners on Day 1c. Almost 6,200 for the main event and a big satellite is going off at 9pm.

As players returned from break, I found Iggy in the hallway getting a massage. GMoney was sweating him and thwarting any paparazzi trying to snap a photo of the Blogfather during a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. Iggy has 17K and patiently waiting to pick his spots.

From the pressbox, Isabelle Mercier floated past us as little pixies sprinkled dust to illuminate the path to her table. She carried a glass of wine (I know it so French and so cliche even though she's from Montreal), and she clutched a $2,000 hand bag that makes jealous fashionistas wetter than Manila in monsoon season.

Players are back from a break. Two more levels tonight.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Henning Granstad, David Singer, Diogo Borges, tsarast, and Jason Kang

Recent bustouts: 2008 bracelet winner JC Tran, Bryan Devonshire, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Kevin O'Donnell, Anthony Lellouche, and Jeffrey Lisandro

Players Remaining: 1,341

Main Event Totals: 6,200 unconfirmed... the Green Box Conspiracy continues

Hot Chicas: Liz Lieu elevating her stunning self to 48,000. She's looking all cuddling after the dinner break. Lacey Jones at 24K and trying to get something started. Tiffany Michelle has been slowly losing chips since her sick move earlier in the day. And Isabelle? 39K. I walk by her table to bask in her warmth.

The entire field is inside the Amazon Room. No more Brasilia tables. Most of the red section is inhabited by cash games. Marcel Luske stood on the rail and mingled with fans while a camera crew followed him. This is just Marcel's world and we're renting in it. Too bad that the Flying Dutchman went busto. Another one of Tony G's horse bites the dust. Ah he ran several good races this year and made The G some cash.

The Saturday night railbirds are out in full force. Some of them walk slowly in a Valium haze while others are channeling their inner paparazzi cameraman and snapping photos (with flash) of anyone and everyone.

Archie Karras is back up to 30K. No word is he played craps with TJ on dinner break.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Henning Granstad, Arnaud Mattern, Bakes, Andrew Tisler, and Serj Markarian.

Recent bustouts: Keith Sexton, Paul Darden, Jonathan Kalmar, TJ Cloutier, Ester Rossi, Kirk Morrison, and Mark Gregorich

Players Remaining: 1,160

Main Event Totals: 6,400 unconfirmed... the Green Box Conspiracy continues

Hot Chicas: Liz Lieu up to 50K. Lovely Lacey Jones at 25K. Tiffany Michelle back up to 40K. And Isabelle a bit under 40K. Every time Isabelle loses chips, a little bit of Mean Gene dies. Evy has four stacks of mulit-colored chips.

OK, so Harrah's just dodged a major bullet. The Main Event will go over last year's numbers although they limped over the finish line. Despite the fact that the numbers are up, the Green Box Conspiracy continues.

One problem over, a new one pops up. Only 1,200 players advanced to Day 2 from flights 1a and 1b. A thousand might advance tonight and another 1,200 might advance on Sunday. That's a big difference in flights 2a and 2b with 1,200 versus 2,200. Players will be a bitchin'.

I heard floor people grumbling about not being able to play in the Employees event. Supposedly the reason against it was because since they had access to the chips, then they could steal them and cheat.

Mustapha is bummed that Paul Darden busted.

This is the most crowded I have seen the Amazon Room during the Main Event.

* * * * *


Big stacks: Henning Granstad, Bakes, Andrew Tisler, Arnaud Mattern, Mike Souza

Recent bustouts: Marcel Luske, Andre Akkari, Tony G, and David Plastik

Players Remaining: 1,098

Main Event Totals: 6,400+ unconfirmed... the Green Box Conspiracy continues

Hot Chicas: Isabelle has some competition at her table. Not only does she have a guy in a Green Bay Packers hat and against a guy in a Johnny Bench shirt, she also has EPT hottie Kara Scott. Yumo! Two thumbs up from me. Wait Isabelle, who?

Kara Scott
Courtesy of

Yes, the G is nevermore. He got on his bike and pedaled home. Brazilian Andre Akkari is also a casualty. Benjo was excited that a French player was in the Top 5 in chips.

I found ActionBob. He's sitting at a table with Sheiky and Eric Morris from Bluff. ActionBob has a healthy stack.

Iggy is sitting next to a guy wearing a straw PokerStars hat. Across from Iggy's table is a online guy from Norway named FishOnTilt. Tilt is kryptonite for poker players. Some love to snort it. Others smoke it. Others avoid it.

* * * * *


I lost a round of Lime Tossing with Otis. He nailed it. Otis 1, Pauly 0. Overall, we are tied.

Day 1c complete.

Iggy and Schecky both advance to Day 2b.

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