Thursday, May 01, 2008

WSOP Delayed Final Table = Impending Reality

By Pauly
New York City

Pokerati did a stellar job breaking the story!

And what story am I speaking about? Well, the WSOP officials will be conducting a massive conference call at 11am PT on Thursday. Why? To announce their plans for a delayed broadcast of the final table.

Personally, I think the idea is great for the parties involved (Harrah's + ESPN) but overall, it's bad for poker and the purity of the WSOP Main Event. If I wasn't so inebriated right now, I'd be able to expand upon my thoughts. I'll hold off on any more comments until I sober up. But for the record, I think it's a bad idea.

A couple of weeks ago, BJ Nemeth wrote a guest post on Tao of Poker titled WSOP Final Table 90-Day Delay. BJ is in favor of the delayed final table. Check out his reasons why.

Stay tuned for more information...

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