Saturday, May 31, 2008

holdin-ragz! Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

The first installment of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly during the WSOP kicked off. It was a bit hard to play and work at the same time but I managed. I also played super fast hoping to bustout or snag chips early.

22 runners were in today's event. Top 3 got paid. Special guests included ObieVIP.

I played from floor of WSOP and could see Erik Sediel from my seat. Anyway, Pings was Gigli. I missed the hand.

I went out in 18th place when my Ks-Kc-Qs-3d ran into A-A-x-x.

At the break, Tan Oprheus was the chipleader with 4.3K with 11 players remaining.

Tan Oprheus was the Bubble Boy and finished in 4th place. I had to step away from the game. When I returned, it was three-handed and Derek was the chipleader.

The chips went back and forth and all around. Bayne held the lead for a bit and so did holdinragz. Derek got crippled and was on the verge of elimination, but managed to rally back and hold on tough.

Derek finished in third place. Once it was heads up, bayne_s trailed with 6.2K to holdin-ragz!'s 26.8K. Bayne came from behind and took the lead. By the next break, Bayne slipped and holdin-ragz! jumped back into the lead.

On the final hand...

bayne_s: Qd-Jh-9c-5c
holdin-ragz!: Qc-Qs-9h-5h

holdin-ragz!'s Queens held up and Bayne was eliminated in second place. holdin-ragz! won the pot and Saturdays with Dr. Pauly!
Week 18 Money Winners:
1. holdin-ragz! - $110
2. bayne - $66
3. Derek - $44
Congrats again to holdin-ragz! for his victory. Thanks to everyone who played! See you next week.

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