Saturday, May 17, 2008

Can't Stop the Last King of Scotland; ResdentEvil Wins Back-to-Back Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

Another week, another epic finish. ResdentEvil became the second player to win multiple events in Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. He also became the first player to win it back-to-back.

We had 21 players this week. The top 3 got paid. Special guests included smokkee, sellthekids, and Drizz.
My starting table:
Seat 1: smokkee
Seat 2: DrPauly
Seat 4: Masquerade
Seat 6: AcerbicOne
Seat 7: andynelson
Seat 8: L0K1
On second hand, I was all in for my tournament life. I got dealt Ac-Ad-Kd-3h. Two players limped. I potted it and Masquerade called while everyone else folded. I loved the flop of Ah-9h-5c. Masquerade checked. I bet the pot... 280. He check-raised me to 700. I moved all in and he quickly called. He had 9c-9s-8c-5s for a set. He picked a straight re-draw on the turn but missed. My hand held up and I doubled up. Masquerade was eliminated in 21st place and won the Gigli honors.

I found A-A-J-10 on the next hand. I potted pre-flop and got two callers. I bet the pot and everyone folded. A-A-x-x hold ups again.

My stack slipped to 2.4K and I lost the lead, I got out outdrawn twice and folded K-K-x-x in a three-way pot when the turn gave a flush.

I got A-A-x-x for a third time and won a pot against against Smokee. Back up to 3.2K and moved to second in chips.

I slipped to 2.6K and 4th in chips and got A-A-x-x again... I re-potted preflop with Ah-Ad-Qh-Qc and took it down.

At the first break, the chipleader was AcerbicOne with 6.8K. There were 13 players remaining and I was in 4th place with 2.7K.

My stack slipped to 1.4K right after the break. LOK1 bubbled off the final table in 10th place. I started final table in 9th place with under 1.6K.
The Final Table:
Seat 1: o-hole-ne (7923)
Seat 2: USC55ND24 (3835)
Seat 3: HermWarfare (2650)
Seat 4: 2 paws (2540)
Seat 5: TanOrpheus (2902)
Seat 6: ResdentEvil (3195)
Seat 7: Alexe55 (4310)
Seat 8: AcerbicOne (2460)
Seat 9: DrPauly (1685)
I was behind and had a lot of work ahead of me if I wanted to win. I won two small pots early and increased my stack to 2.3K. I was no longer in last and moved up 6th place.

I was waiting to double up and it happened. The flop was 9-6-5 and I was ahead with top set against 2paws. We got it all in on the turn and I doubled up to 5.6K and rocketed up to second in chips behind o-hole-ne in first.

TanOrpheus busted out in 9th place in a three-way pot. Derek won the hand and took over the chiplead with 6.6K. He coughed it up to me as I cracked the 7K mark with seven to go.

Just about that time was when I made a comment about how last week's champion was very quiet at the tables. ResdentEvil's avatar is a great white shark and he was lurking silently in the background before he struck and won a big pot against Alexe55. He took over the lead with 6 to go.

I busted out in 6th place. I was third in chips when I played a big pot with one of the big stacks. I had 6K in chips and found Kc-Qc-10h-9d. AcerbicOne min-raised pre-flop and I called. The flop was Jd-7c-6c. He fired out at the flop and I re-potted all in hoping to get him off a big pair. He actually flopped top set and called my bet. I had outs but missed both my draws and was eliminated in 6th place. If I made my draw(s), that pot would have propelled me into the chiplead.

Derek busted out right after me in 5th place. O-hole-ne bubbled out in 4th place with set over set. With three to go, AcerbicOne and ResdentEvil had the big stacks while Alexe55 was super short. The three would slug it out for a while.

Resdent Evil jumped out to a big lead when he won a 13K pot off of AcerbicOne. Alexe55 held on with a short stack, doubled up a couple of times.

At the second break, Resident Evil was ahead with 21K. AcerbicOne and Alexe55 both had about 5.3K.

The action was back and forth as the three-battle raged much longer than expected. AcerbicOne finally took over the lead when he busted Alexe55 in third place. Alexe55 finished in second place last week and third place this week. Nice run the last two weeks.

When it reached heads up, AcerbicOne was ahead with 17.8K to ResdentEvil's 13.7K. ResdentEvil was going for back-to-back wins something that had never been done before. Grouse14 was the first multiple winner although a couple of months went by between his wins.

ResdentEvil regained the lead on the third hand of heads up play and doubled up with two pair. His stack was past 22K compared to Acerbic's 8K.

AcerbicOne wasn't about to give up so easily. He made a run and almost pulled even after winning a hefty pot with a nut flush against Evil's second-nut flush.

Alas, in the end ResdentEvil prevailed. On the final hand ResdentEvil limped. AcerbicOne to raised 2,400. ResdentEvil called. The flop was 9c-7s-6c. AcerbicOne bet 2,400. ResdentEvil raised to 12K. AcerbicOne called all in for his last 8.6K.

AcerbicOne: Kh-10d-9d-5h
ResdentEvil: 10s-8s-7d-4c

ResdentEvil flopped a straight and won with a full house. AcerbicOne was eliminated in second place, while ResdentEvil won Saturdays with Dr. Pauly for a second week in a row.

The title will remain on Scottish soil for another week after the Last King of Scotland's epic victory this week. Well done, sir.
Week 16 Money Winners:
1. Resdent Evil - $105
2. AcerbicOne - $53
3. Alexe55 - $42
Thanks again to everyone who played and pimped the event. See everyone next weekend and we'll see if Resdent Evil can make it three in a row....

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