Wednesday, October 17, 2007


By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

I'm preparing for a long journey over the Pacific Ocean to Melbourne, Australia. My next and final assignment for 2007 is the inaugural Poker News Cup. The event should be a lot of fun as Poker News makes a tremendous leap of faith sponsoring a series of live tournaments at different venues around the world. The first stop for the Poker News Cup is the Crown Casino in Melbourne. I'll be there providing the live updates for Poker News along with Change100.

I'm going to try to play in one of the preliminary events. You can check out more information at the Poker News Cup official website. I'm excited for my second trip to Oz in ten months and I'll get almost two weeks of bumming around the country before I fly back to the States. And yes, I'll be returning to Oz in January 2008 to cover the Aussie Millions for Poker News.

Last week, I was hired by a company from Stockholm, Sweden called The OnGame Network which includes sites such as PokerRoom, Betsson, Chan Poker, and Mansion Poker. I will be writing eight articles for the Ongame Zone, a magazine which focuses on the poker industry. My first article should be published on Monday. Take a peek. Thanks to Kim and all the folks over at OnGame for the opportunity to collaborate with them now, and in the future.

Also, I was recently hired by Bluff Magazine to write a column called On the Road with Dr. Pauly, about my behind the scenes experiences while covering poker tournaments all over the world. Thanks to Matt Parvis for hooking me up with the monthly column. My first piece should be in the November issue. I recently finished writing my third column for Bluff about my time in London. I'm extremely pleased with that one, which should be in the January issue.

I also still have a bi-weekly column in Poker Player Newspaper. My subject is supposed to be online poker, but editor-in-chief Lou Krieger lets me get away with writing about almost anything. Next time you see Poker Player Newspaper in your local card room, pick it up.

As always, I'm a contributor to Las Vegas Blog (most recently a couple of strip club reviews) and other side projects such as Truckin', my music blog, and the one that started it all... Tao of Pauly. Just ask the Rooster, he'll tell you that's better than Tao of Poker.

Before I go, head over to AlCantHang's blog to read about how you can win a free trip to the Aussie Millions in his BBT2. Sadly, there's no incentive for me to play since I have to cover the Aussie Millions. I'll be sitting that one out.

One last plug... go buy Wil Wheaton's latest book The Happiest Days of Our Lives. Trust me. It's his best work to date.

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