Sunday, October 28, 2007

Poker News Cup Final Table

By Pauly
Melbourne, Australia

Jordan "JL514" Lamberg playing late on Day 2

JL514 next to Jenny Son and the chipleader Kenny Ng (on the right)

Congrats to fellow blogger JL514 who is among the final eight players at the Poker News Cup main event. He has a great story why he's playing. Kaja won his seat but could not make it down under. Luckily JL514, who is studying in Australia this semester, could be a last minute replacement. And now the college student from Miami, FL is on the cusp of making the final TV table. He played great poker on Day 2 and made one sick call. For the last few hours he had to deal with the chipleader and always erractic, Kenny Ng, at his table.

Ozzie Yildiz also made the final eight. He and his fiance Angelica work at Party Poker in the Gib with Bill Rini.

Moments ago... JL514 getting some last minute makeup at the TV table

Change100, Jonno, Theo, and I will be providing live updates of the Poker News Cup final table starting around 1am EST or 10pm PCT. I'm also doing the majority of photos for Poker News during the main event so I've been channeling my inner Flipchip and trying my best. Check out all of our coverage including live updates, chip counts, photos, and videos.

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