Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Prop Betting Waitress and Night Train Gambling

Shecky finally left our travel trio and headed to Melbourne while Brandon and I took a a train to Sydney. Actually it was a bus to the train which took 15 hours in all. You can read about that mind-numbing adventure over at the Tao of Pauly.

Here was the final tally of our five day Chinese Poker Marathon:
Brandon +94
Shecky -24
Pauly -70
Yeah, I know. I got spanked. Brandon and I hung around Byron Bay for almost a full day before we caught the night train to Sydney. We played heads-up Chinese Poker (all games included 2-7) at the Beach Hotel overlooking the ocean while sipping beers and checking out the hot surfer chicks who looked like Kate Bosworth from Blue Crush except with Aussie accents.

Playing with Brandon is fun and educational because he takes time out to tell me why he set his hand a specific way and I definitely think that my Chinese Poker skills have improved just from our interaction the last few days. By the time we left the bar at Byron Bay, I had picked up 1 point.

We played on the train which was tough but fun. I went on a heater and picked up 20 points in 5 hands, but my rush ended quickly. By midnight I was -59 for the trip against Brandon. I erased a small margin and will try to get it back in Sydney. I still have a couple of days to get unstuck.

By the way, the other night in Byron Bay, Brandon got shitfaced last night and drank a bottle of wine and 1/2 bottle of gin. We had a hot waitress serves us at an Italian cafe where we ate dinner. She was not from Asutralia and we gambled on where she was from. Brandon said Italy. Shecky said Spain. I was convinced she was from Portugal. We all tossed three red $20 bills onto the table.

"So where are you from?" asked Brandon.

"Spain," she answered.

Shecky slammed his hand on the table and scooped up $60.

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