Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aussie Millions Day 4 and Pic Dump

We have a final table for the Aussie Millions which includes some familiar faces:
Jimmy "Gobooboy" Fricke $5.175M
Gus Hansen $4.845M
Andrew Black $2.1M
Kristy Gazes $1.05M
Julius Colman $785K
Marc Karam $535K
Hans Martin Vogl $455K
First place is $1.5 million Aussie bucks. Andy Black won an event earlier in the week and is my pick to win it, unless he implodes and donks off all of his chips. Gobboboy has played well and got super lucky along the way. I dunno if his luck will can continue. Hansen is the consensus favorite which means there's more pressure on him. And don't count Kristy Gazes out.

Here are some random pics that I've taken over the last few days.

Tony G playing in the 100K

Opening Ceremonies of the Main Event

Brandon Schaefer and Gavin Smith on Day 1

Joe Hachem

Andy Black at the feature table

Gobboboy on Day 3

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