Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brandon Schaefer Close to the Money

With 53 players left (top 48 pay), Brandon Schaefer is close to cashing in Event #7 $1,560 Feature NL event. This is a special tournament where selected players have $1,000 bounties on their heads. Brandon busted two such local players already and collected $2,000 in cash. He currently has Gentleman Ben Roberts at his table. Roberts is one of the few bounty players left in the tournament along with Evelyn Ng. Brandon has around 38K, which is the average stack.

I'm part of the live blogging team for Event #7 over at Poker News. Take a peek at his progress as he attempts to cash in his first Aussie Millions event.

Update... Sadly, Brandon busted out in 47th place. He won $2,000 and if you include the $2,000 in bounties... he picked up $4K in less than 11 hours. Not too shabby for the only person I've ever met to have visited all seven continents.

I spent the last couple of hours catching up with Brandon at the bar. And yes, he paid for all the drinks. We discussed our travel plans for the two weeks after the Aussie Millions. We're heading up the Gold Coast and we'll take it from there, although I'm strongly considering extending my stay and heading to Vietnam and Cambodia with him. Right now it looks like a gutshot draw... but I've been know to chase.

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