Thursday, September 28, 2006

AlCantHang Day, My Videos, and Bloggers in Aruba

Happy birthday to AlCantHang!

If you don't know Mean Gene is doing a kick ass job blogging for Ultimate Bet's Aruba Poker Classic. DoubleAs is alive and has chips. Stop by the UB blog to check out the progress of DoubleAs and the rest of the tourney.

I finally spliced together a few videos from the past week including hijinks from my birthday in NYC with drunk bartenders doing body shots and from the Boathouse.
1. Top Gun & Body Shots
2. Lewey's First Round
3. 2389 & AlCantHang vs. BadBlood
You can view the complete list of my You Tube videos... here. The Bonnaroo videos are my favorite.

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