Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2006 WCOOP on Poker Stars and More Quality Scribes

I've been on the down low the last two weeks. I returned to NYC and started a writing project which occupies all of my time and energy. I have to put poker on hold for a while. On Monday morning, I went to a memorial mass for friends who died on 9.11. I was touched by two pieces... Mean Gene's Five Years After 9.11 and Kid Dynamite's 5 Years Later. Check them out.

ScurvyDog also wrote an interesting piece called Die, Poker Blogs, Die!

Oh and make sure you read one of my favorite posts all time.... How to Leave a Comment by Tony Pierce.

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If you don't know PokerStars is running the 2006 WCOOP starting on Saturday with their Razz event. Derek had been playing different satellites the past few weeks, which are still running.

The WCOOP schedule features one Razz and two HORSE events. They had 16 events last year and added two more for 2006. Like the WSOP, the winner's of WCOOP events also win a bracelet.
September 16: Razz ($200+$15)
September 17: NL Hold 'em ($500+$30)
September 18: PL Omaha (rebuys) ($300+$20)
September 19: NL Hold 'em Match Play ($200+$15)
September 20: Limit Omaha High/Low ($500+$30)
September 21: NL Hold 'em (rebuys) ($200+$15)
September 22: Limit Hold 'em ($200+$15)
September 23: HORSE ($200+$15)
September 23: PL Hold 'em ($500+$30)
September 24: NL Hold 'em ($1,000+ $50)
September 25: Seven Card Stud ($300+$20)
September 26: PL Omaha8 ($300+$20)
September 27: PL Hold'em ($300+$20)
September 28: Seven Card Stud High/Low ($500+$30)
September 29: PL Omaha ($500+$30)
September 30: HORSE ($5,000+$200)
September 30: Limit Hold'em ($1,000+$50)
October 1: NL Hold 'em ($2,500+$100)
I'm thinking about playing the $500 PL Omaha if my schedule clears up by then.

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