Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Right now some friends of mine are hurting pretty badly. This post is dedicated to them. If you guys need anything... just ask. I'm here for you all.

The Up for Poker guys lost one of their close friends this past weekend. I encourage you to stop by and read everything they had to say about Gulfman.

Last night, Flipchip's grandmother (and the Poker Prof's great-grandmother) passed away. She was 101. Flipchip is a guy who rarely displays his emotions in public, but he opened up his heart in a post called A Sad Day.

Over the last year, I really got to know Flipchip very well. We spent everyday at the WSOP in the trenches together and I can't think of any other photographer that I'd want to work with. Flipchip has also taken over the father figure role in my life offering me up advice and emotional support during difficult times. I'm grateful that he's always been there to help me deal with the curveballs that life throws at you everyday. He's hurting right now, I know that the Poker Prof is too and that affects me as well.

I'm incredibly sad today because I know so many close people in my life that are grieving. On days like today, things like poker and blogs and my stock market loses seem utterly meaningless to me. I spend too much time worrying about life instead of living it. We all do. It takes these tragic moments like this for us to realize how lucky we are to be alive.

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