Tuesday, April 25, 2006

WPT Championship Pictures

Here are some pics that I took during the taping of the final table last night. The WPT Championship will air on June 28th on the Travel Channel. You can click on the pics to enlarge the view.

WPT trophy

Winner's photo

The Final 2: Davidson Matthew and Joe Bartholdi

WPT Paris champion: Roland de Wolfe

Bellagio Babes bring the beer

John Vorhaus snaps a close up of WPT CEO Steve Lispcomb

I'm still working on an article about the WPT Championship which has a 6am deadline. I have less than 12 hours to complete it. The editor of Poker Pro is holding the issue for me. Talk about pressure!! In the meantime, feel free to re-read my coverage fo the first few days on the 2005 WPT World Championship.

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