Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WPBT-POY Stud Event #4 on Sunday

Just a quick reminder...
What: WPBT-POY Seven-card Stud Event
When: Sunday April 30th at 9:30pm EST
Where: Poker Stars
Tourney Info: #21991049 (Look under Private tab)
How Much: $20 + 2
Password: email me for details
Attire: Pants optional
I slipped from 8th to 13th in the WPBT-POY rankings when I was busted in 50th place on Monday. I'm hoping to make a final table in this event. I began my poker career as a Stud player. The first time I sat down at a poker table in a casino, it was on a riverboat in Biloxi, Mississippi. I used a fake ID to get in after I ate a handful of magic mushrooms and I played Seven-card Stud with guys three times my age. I think Hurricane Katrina sent that particular casino about ten blocks in land, well what's left of it that is. The first time I played poker in Atlantic City, it was Stud at the Taj.

And yes, I'm back in NYC after almost two months on the road. I spent more days in L.A. this year than in NYC. On my JetBlue flight from Vegas, I watched the entire episode of the WPT Bellagio from last December, the one that Rhene Pedersen won. The Unabomber, JJ Liu, Doyle Brunson, Patrik Antonius, and Darrell Dicken also made the final table. I sat in the last row in the stands directly behind Dicken's head. I saw myself in two or three shots. I saw Heather from Poker Wire and BJ (when he worked for CardPlayer) in several audience shots too.

I'm blogging this from JFK airport while I wait for my luggage, which is taking forever. I have two or three posts to write up over the next few days, including a recap of my trip to Red Rock Casino to play Omaha High with WWII vets.

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