Friday, February 24, 2006

WPT Invitational - Final Table

Sorry, folks. I will not be able to cover the final table of the WPT Invitational. I had a minor traffic accident and ran over an old Hasidic lady's cat. She lived next door to Change100 and I spent most of the afternoon consoling the old lady and more importantly convincing her not to sue me or notify the authorities. Dead cats can sure kill a guy's karma and bankroll, even in Hollyweird.

Anyway, for complete updates of the WPT Invitational final table, please check out updates from my good friends in the poker media. Visit Poker Wire for chipcounts and stop by to read BJ's hand-to-hand coverage of tonight's final table that features Barry Greenstien, Jesse Jones, Blair Rodman, Tom Lock, Allen Kessler, and Ugur Marangoz.

I'll be back on Monday with a recap of last week's Murder's Row homegame, which might end up being the last one for a while. Until then...

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