Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thanks Wil!

Wil is hosting a tournament on Poker Stars tonight and you are all invited!

What: WWdN Dr. Pauly Appreciation Tourney
Where: Poker Stars
Tournament Info: #19063218 (Check under Private Tourney tab)
When: Feb 2 @ 11:30 PM (or 8:30 PM on the West Coast)
Buy-in: $10 + 1 NL
Password: monkey
I'm back in New York City after 15 days in Atlantic City working for the Borgata. Man, I missed NYC. Anyway, I'll be playing tonight and so should you!

I'd like to thank Wil, Gracie, AlCantHang, Derek, EvaCanHang, BG, JoeSpeaker, CJ, BadBlood and everyone else who did a live-blogging attempt in showing their amazing support last weekend. Special thanks to Gracie, who's idea to make life a bit easier for me certainly worked! Words like thank you are not enough to tell everyone how much I appreciate your support. And thanks to Otis & Wil for the uplifting emails. And to Halverson for picking out the Scotch.

See you all tonight.

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