Sunday, February 26, 2006

Suckout on Luekemia

I will be playing in a tournament on Full Tilt on Sunday afternoon. It's for a worthy cause called Suckout on Luekemia. A member of the Full Tilt Forum named Jill was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her friends put together a private tournament at Full Tilt to raise money for Jill. The private tournament is a $10+$16 NL tourney, with $15 of the fee going to the fundraiser. Visit this link this link for more details on the Suckout on Leukemia tournament. I hope all of you can play. I'll be there are so are a few pros such as Erik Seidel and Andy Bloch and even SirWaffle is playing!
What: Suckout on Luekemia (check under Private tourney tab)
When: Sun, Feb 26th @ 17:00 EST
Where: Full Tilt
How Much: $10 + 16
Password: playforjill
It's at 2pm West Coast or 5pm Waffle time. I hope I can get up early enough to play.

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