Saturday, January 22, 2005

Saturday Blizzard and Adventures with AlCanCrushOmaha

Am I the only one who wanted to order the Party Poker Hawaiian shirt with their Party Poker bonus points?

Well, I was snowed in and managed to do some writing that I needed to catch up on. I had to put poker blogging aside for a bit and concentrate on a few freelance articles that I need to get out by the end of the month. I'm still way behind. I'll post the last two chapters of my Vegas trip reports and TowneHouse write ups by midweek.

I took a break and jumped on Party Poker. I was working off my bonus and played a little NL. I randomly let Party pick my table... and I happened to get an empty seat at Chris Halverson's table. Pretty cool. My first three hands were solid... KK, AKs, and AJs. Somedays you know you are gonna catch shit. I badbeated a guy early with K-10o. The board was K-J-10... with two hearts and I knew the other guy did not have AQ (he would have raised preflop... and instead limped in). He bet and I pushed him all in. He called with KJ! I caught a 10 on the river and hit my two outer to double up.

Another hand was a classic fishy play and is the reason I still slum at the $25 ring tables on Party Poker. In middle position I limped in with AJo. I have been starting to dread that hand in NL. AJo is like your shopoholic ex-girlfriend... at some point you know she's going to bleed you dry. I got a few callers including the guy to my right who chased a gutshot with 42o the hand before. The flop: J-8-2 rainbow. I checked, he bet, one of the blinds called and I raised to $10. He called. I bet out $15 on the turn when a second club fell and he called. On the river the third club fell and I checked. He moved all in for the rest of his chips. I had him covered. I typed "What did you catch?" knowing that he caught runner-runner flush and getting that crappy feeling in my stomach just like I get after eating too much chicken vindaloo from one of those Indian dives on 6th Street in the East Village. I called and the pot was pushed to me. He had J6o. I should have gone broke with TPTK... the odds were against me.

Sometimes my biggest winning hands are not the heavy pocket pairs or group one hands... but rather those marginal hands like AJo and 77. I more than tripled up and decided to play a little Omaha 8 with AlCantHang. He was up 50BB on the micro limit tables! I won a few hands but was down a few bucks until I I flopped a set with pocket tens. On the river I hit my quads and scooped it all. That's the third time I got qauds this week and throw in a straight flush as well.

Click on picture to enlarge.

It felt good to actually post a winning day on Party Poker! 10 out of my last 13 sessions have been losing ones... I hope to post another positive day tomorrow to end my slide amd start rebuilding my damaged online bankroll.

I did get a chance to stop by every blog on my blogroll at some point during the day. That takes me all day now. I have to skim a lot of them too... which is a shame that I cannot read a weeks worth of posts inside a few minutes that I set aside for each blog. G-Rob's addiction post stands out as the best post this week. And without a doubt, this paragraph has got to be the most entertaining line I read this week (from Daddy):
I've got a running bet with a friend that Bea Arthur at one time did infact have a penis. I'm not sure how I can possibly collect on this bet short of slipping the coroner a few bones when she buys the farm, but I'm still investigating. I won't go down without a fight, you can count on that.
What is in the drinking water in Indiana?

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