Sunday, January 02, 2005

First Highlight of the Year

I logged onto Party Poker and found The Poker Penguin slumming around in the $25 NL tables. I pinged him and he quickly joined my table. Great to catch up with my favorite Kiwi Nomad... who's currently a ski bum in Canada. He's one of the bloggers that I really hope writes more frequently this year.

My rush at Penguin's table

Earlier on Saturday, I finished in the money in a 133 person NL tourney. I came in 16th when my AA lost to a set of 3s. I was 11th in chips at the time. Top 20 paid. On Friday afternoon, I won a Super Qualifier for the Aussie Million and then promptly lost the Aussie Satellite Qualifier when my Hiltons were cracked by AA.

On a random note... I just had one of those "No duh?" moments while reading this article: Gambling addiction soaring in the city. By the way, have you signed up for a Party Poker account using my bonus code: TAO4?

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