Sunday, January 16, 2005

Grumpy Sunday

Vegas Trip Reports will be posted on Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully.

I forgot to tell ya that I played a little $2/4 BBJ tables on Party Poker with Lord Geznikor the other night when the jackpots was reaching near $700K. Glad to chat and play with him for a little bit. I hope he starts blogging again. He's one of my favorite original poker bloggers.

The Jets killed me yesterday. I took them with the money line too, ugh. That's all I have to say about that debacle. Congrats, Gene. Send me your address and I'll send you one of my favorite books. I'll pick something out that you'll like.

I've got some money on tonight's Golden Globes Awards. You can check out some of my picks here.

I finally got around to adding some new links to my blogroll. Most of the folks have me linked up. A few don't. I usually find out about new bloggers by tracking who links me up through Technorati or whenever Iggy mentions some new blogs. If you are listed, you now have the honor of being visited by me at least once a week. I used to visit every link on my blog twice a week. With so many blogs now, I can only do it once a week and most of the time I'm skimming. I need a new intern! Here are the last 21 or so that I added since Christmas.
Pissed Off Pauly

Lastly, I just found out about a guy who runs a poker blog out there in cyberworld. He lifted my links. I refuse to mention his name or URL, why give him any attention? This has been done before, twice by different people.

To you new bloggers out there... if you are going to steal my shit, oh well, I have learned that there is nothing I can do about that... but at least have some decency and integrity and give me some credit by linking me up. After all, I did all the work. Give me the respect that I deserve with a link back and source credit. I'm sure it's probably an honest mistake. Then again, if he was honest, I would have gotten credit already and I wouldn't be writing this.

Yeah, I'm calling you out LB. I am disappointed with your actions and I'm not impressed. Thanks for treating me like a bitch.

I know you snagged the majority of your links from the Tao of Poker. Why? Because I'm not listed. Why would I link myself up in my links section? Furthur proof, after the first fourteen links, it's in the same order as it appears on my site and who else has Otis' boys (that I met in Vegas) and Aaron Gleeman (a baseball blogger) linked up? I also include a dummy link in my list. Congrats for linking that up as well.

Maybe I'll finally add a link to my blog(s) in my links section. Because the next time my list is stolen, at least I'll be linked up.

Stuff like this irks me to no end. I'm in a pissy mood as is with the Jets losing a huge game last night and then I woke up to discover I got kicked in the balls... once again by an unindustrious hack.

A friend suggested that I should feel flattered that I had work worthy enough to get ripped off. It's funny because I don't feel flattered at all.

There's nothing I can do except vent my frustrations here, shrug my shoulders, and move on. It's not the first time and won't be the last.

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