Sunday, November 30, 2003

The Wrong Stuff: Learning Poker by Watching TV is wrriten by Lou Krieger from Card Player Mag.

Here's a bit: "Poker novices usually don't realize that limit poker, played as a cash game with small blinds at a full table, requires a store of patience to wait for good hands, while shorthanded tournament poker - where the blinds get astronomical and too much patience is a terminal disease - requires a lot more risk-taking. It's at the end of the spectrum where the selection-aggression quotient leans heavily toward aggressive play. On TV, any hand with an ace and any pair in hand is raised most of the time. In a full-table low-limit cash game at your neighborhood cardroom, it takes a lot more than that. But those seduced by poker on the tube haven't grasped that point - and won't if watching television is their only means of learning poker."

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