Sunday, November 30, 2003

Nasty People: The Psychology of Poker is an article written by Alan Schoonmaker from Card Player Mag.

Here's a bit: "There are disgusting people everywhere, but they are worse at poker tables. First, people act outrageously because they can get away with it. Far too many cardrooms let people take actions that most businesses would severely punish. If those horror stories happened in a restaurant or store, somebody would get thrown out or even arrested. Second, losing at poker implies that you are not just unlucky, but that you don't play well. Instead of accepting responsibility, some people blame the "idots" and "cheaters" who "caused" their losses. Third, it is much easier to change games in the pits. If someone bothers us in a blackjack or craps game, we can just move. The odds are the same wherever we're playing. If we're in a good poker game but have some rotten people, we probably can't find another game like it. Fourth, they have a huge impact. They slow down the game, change the atmosphere, chase away some weak players, and can often destroy the entire game."

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