Friday, November 21, 2003

World Poker Tour Review

Guiness & Poker blogged this link: The World Poker Tour: The Best Show on TV!

Here's a bit: "The second reason poker is so captivating, and will continue to spread in popularity, is the element of luck, and the elusiveness of the qualities that make greats great. When you look at the pros, even when you see them play, it's easy to think that you could beat them. Few of them are of genius-level intelligence. They aren't psychic. They just have some mix of guile, heart, intelligence, patience, the ability to read people and skill at the game--all of which combine and allow long term success. What's more, thanks to the element of luck and the fact that poker is a game of limited information, a skilled amateur can beat the pros on any given night. Playing a chess pro is pointless. Your have no chance. If you sit down across from Phil Ivey, however, you might start with ace/ace. You might put all your chips in and he might see cowboys (pair of kings) and call you. You'd probably win and neither o you would really have made a mistake. It happens a lot. That's why sitting at most final tables on World Poker Tour, is some schmuck like you or me who caught the right cards and made the most of them. This is an element that no other high-stakes professional competition has. You'll never see your neighbor in the Super Bowl (especially if he plays for the Bears). You might, however, see that same neighbor playing for a million bucks or so at one of the major poker tournaments...

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