Monday, September 12, 2011

Rick Perry vs. Teddy KGB

By Pauly
San Francisco, CA

While reading up on a bit of political fodder at Rolling Stone (penned by Matt Taibbi, one of the best political writers in America), I stumbled across an interesting and chuckle-inducing Rounders reference. Taibbi even linked up a video of the infamous scene when Mike McD takes on Teddy KGB during a heads-up match in the third act of Rounders.

Here's Taibbi's introduction paragraph to Rick Perry's Social Security Extremism...
Presidential debates aren't often interesting, but last night's GOP "standoff" was – a little bit, anyway. It was a little like that final scene in Rounders where Matt Damon draws cowboys and takes out half of Teddy KGB's stack on the first hand. The field did the same thing to Perry last night, taking out one of his legs in his coming-out party.
I never thought I'd hear Rick Perry and Teddy KGB mentioned in the same breath, but that's why I'm a huge fan of Taibbi -- because you never know what sort of pop culture reference he'll use to help demonstrate his point.

By the way, if either Rick Perry and Michele Bachman inch closer toward an actual GOP nomination for the White House, I'd love to jump on their press corp and cover the campaign. I gave up writing about politics a long time ago (back when I actually thought the "people" actually had a say in how they were governed before I realized we're just a bunch of fucking monkeys on a grinder throwing shit at each other, while those in power hand out big sacks of cash to professional degen gamblers on Wall Street who go busto and get bailed out by taxpayers). Yeah, I'm a long, long shot to get press credentials, but you never know, because I never thought I'd become a poker reporter, but I went from watching final tables on TV while sitting on my brother's couch to sitting in the front row. So, anything can happen. This is America, after all, right? I have a legit shot as long as there is no... ahem... drug test, because I think it'll be awesome to eat a shitload of pharmies and follow around the GOP contender for a few months as they zig zag across the country preaching fiscal responsibility to angry Tea Party survivalists, and then trying to steal away votes from jaded, moderate Americans who feel duped by Obama's vision of hope and change. As is, I'm just going to keep an eye on the circus from a far until my number is called.

In the meantime, I spent all of my summer vacation embedded with hippies in more ways than one. You can read all about some of the hijinks...
8.5.11 - Gorge Quickies Night 1 (George, WA)
8.6.11 - Gorge Quickies Night 2 (George, WA)
8.8.11 - Hollyweird Bowl (Los Angeles, CA)
8.15.11 - UIC 1 - Monday Night En Fuego (Chicago, IL)
8.16.11 - UIC 2 - Chicago Disease, Gimps, and Golden Heat (Chicago, IL)
8.17.11 - UIC 3 - Tweaker City (Chicago, IL)
9.2.11 - The S Show (Denver, CO)
9.3.11 - Diseasetweeze (Denver, CO)
9.4.11 - Ghost-Forget (Denver, CO)
I have one more quick sojourn to Vermont for a Hurricane Irene charity benefit concert to report on this week, then it's back on the poker/gambling train. Until then...

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  1. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 40 Years Later. Write it and the book is sold good Doctor. The book is sold.