Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hump Day Nugs: The Secret World of Hollywood Poker, Frenchy Full Tilt Investors, and Feel the Shame (a.k.a. Jesse May Calls Jesus a "Little Scumbag")

By Pauly
San Francisco, CA

How about some Hump Day nugs? These are heady, tasty, and will definitely distract you for a few moments while you eagerly countdown the hours until the weekend begins...
The Secret World of Hollywood Poker is a detailed account of the history of one of the biggest and most secretive underground games in the hills of Hollywood featuring Tinsel Town's most famous actors (Leo and the guy who played Spiderman and misspells my last name), industry heavyweights, and afew filthy-rich professional athletes (A-Roid). (Hollywood Reporter)

How Much Money Do French Investors Need to Buy Full Tilt Poker? That is a damn good question and los hombres are digging deep. I heard a rumor this summer than a Ruskie oil baron offered up $1 Billion and it was rejected. But now, a group of French investors led by Laurent Tapie, are eyeballing the site everyone now loves to hate. (Wicked Chops Poker)

Jesse May is the shit, and I'm not just saying that because he scored me a 12th row ticket to see Bob Dylan this summer. Anyway, Jesse's latest piece -- Feel the Shame -- is classic Jesse May with a little extra hot sauce. Wow. I've read it fourteen times and just... wow. And yes, Jesse called Jesus a scumbag. (Poker Farm)

How to Cheat Your Friends At Poker sounds like something written by Russ Hamilton! It's an awesome infographic by Sean Lind. Take a peek. (Silver Oak Casino)

I appeared as a guest panelist on Type II Cast, a podcast about the band Phish. Check out it out if you want to hear me pontificate about music as a talking head in the jamband scene. (Coventry Music)
That's it for now. You know the drill... NGTFOOMO!

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